Hair Removal Beauty Regime, an Update

As those of you with better than average memories (or with way too much time on your hands) may recall, I have reviewed the Braun Silk-epil 5 Epilator as well as Lola Montez’s custom made Bikini Balm. I would like to update you on how these products are working in combination.

I suffer from a predilection to severe ingrown hairs, especially on my upper thighs and in my groin. This was a major problem when shaving and I was happy to see an improvement when I switched to epilating. Unfortunately whilst there was an improvement the ingrown hairs did not disappear and I still had some problems in this area. Since purchasing the bikini balm I am happy to say that the bumps are almost a thing of the past although I recently ran out of the balm and they came back so I quickly got a resupply and things have calmed down again.

I thought my beauty regime for my legs may be of interest to you. I wash as normal in the shower and also gently exfoliate my legs and torso on a daily basis. I epilate every second or third day depending on growth. Note this is done because I really do not like the feel of the hairs on my legs, not because they are noticeable to others. If I was purely looking at hair removal because of how the legs looked I could probably go up to 14 days between epilating (I suppose I do exhibit some mild gender dysphoria here). On non-epilating days I moisturise after showering and I may also apply an antibacterial cream to any spots/bumps that may have cropped up.

On epilating days I air dry my legs and then set about epilating them. I use the most efficient setting on the epilator and start on my lower legs. I then do my knees before moving onto my upper thighs, groin and buttocks. I start with large movements in each direction and then hone in on any problematic hairs that are proving difficult to deal with, using smaller and slower movements. You may need to use multiple passes in all the directions to get these errant hairs. After epilating I shave my torso (I am just too chicken to epilate there because  it really hurts.

I then apply the bikini balm to my upper thighs and torso. I find I can get away with antibacterial cream and/or moisturiser on my lower legs. Every morning I will apply antibacterial cream to any spots that may be left and I moisturise as well.

This leaves my legs feeling and looking smooth and mostly spot free. I am a bit of a cheapskate so the moisturiser I use is aqueous cream. It is cheap and does the job. I tend to use an antibacterial cream that includes tea tree oil as this calms down the shaving rash as well, but again the cheapest cream on offer is usually good enough especially as this is only needed on an ad hoc basis.

I hope that you found this useful.

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