Product Review: Bikini Balm

On Friday, I visited a local ‘sensuality boutique’ (look out for a review in the near future). Whilst there I spotted this


bottle of bikini balm. I picked it up but couldn’t quite figure out what it was for. I guessed some kind of shaving balm, but given that it was merchandised next to a plethora of other ‘enhancers’ I could not be sure. I read the ingredients and this confirmed, to a degree my suspicions. Whilst wandering around the shop I saw an almost identical bottle of shaving balm in the ‘men’s section’. I picked this up and looked at the ingredients. Yup, a match!

Although the product is on the pricey side (it is R180, approximately US$9 for a rather small bottle), I decided to give it a go. I have had a very hard to shift shaving rash on the back of my thighs from before I started epilating (I have a crazy criss-cross hair growth pattern here, with some hairs growing left to right, others up and down and in the opposite directions as well: a rash is inevitable), it is unsightly and I was worried about it scarring if I did not get rid of it, fast. Also, as I am too chicken to eplilate anywhere but my legs I get shaving rash and ingrown hairs on my bikini  area and chest.

I took the product home and started using it on Friday night. I applied it to my legs, chest and bikini area immediately after epilating and shaving. It mostly felt soothing and nice although there was a slight tingle in some of the more sensitive areas. This was not unpleasant though. I then applied it twice a day on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, whether I had epilated/shaved or not.

As of Tuesday morning the rash that has been persistent for the last eight or so months has all but gone. My chest and bikini area are rash free and I only have a few residual bumps on my legs where I had some particularly nasty in grown hairs. They are however fading dramatically and I hope they will soon be gone entirely.

In the coming days I will only use the balm after shaving and or epilating and revert to my usual moisturiser on other days. I strongly suspect that this will prove an efficient and effective beauty therapy. The transformation has been impressive. Although the product is pricey, it is highly effective and it gives good coverage. I use one small pea sized blob and it covers my entire chest. Another blob each for my tummy, leg and bikini area and you are good to go. I am hoping that my usage can diminish because if it doesn’t I am in for a bottle every 2 weeks! In all seriousness though I think I will get down to a bottle lasting 2 or 3 months and that is not too bad.

I can heartily recommend this product to anyone who has issues with ingrown hairs and shaving rash. It is a keeper!

For those of you interested, the ingredients are as follows:

Water, stearic acid, palm kernel acid, potassium hydroxide, sorbitol, ethelhydrexyl hydroxystearate, PEG-7 glycerolcocoate, sodium hydroxide, eucalyptus globulus oil, sodium borate, sodium silicate, menthol diazolidinyl, urea,methylparaben,propylparaben, parfum.

Go and get a bottle TODAY, but be sure to leave a few for me!

As with the epilator review, I will update you on progress in the coming weeks.

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