I have had a few people say that they want to financially support my page and me because they value what I do here. I was always a bit reticent of doing this because it felt odd, but after seeing that I have esteemed company (Wikipedia and The Guardian both use this model to fund their operation) I decided that I will start accepting voluntary subscription payments to my Pay Pal account.

Running Daniella’s Ramblings is a labour of love and I get a great deal of satisfaction from it, especially when people contact me to say how much they have enjoyed a piece or even better, that I have actually helped them in some way. I really value all of you my readers and enjoy interacting with all of you.

Having said that running a blog does come with some expenses. There are domain registration fees, administrative costs, the cost of data storage and of course the cost of generating content (those laser sessions, epilators and nights out don’t come cheap). Of course there is also the cost of my time. The time spent blogging is time not spent doing something else. I therefore do not feel that accepting money is unjustified.

Also, if I were to earn some money from this little spot on the interwebz I may be able to plough some of that back into making better, more interesting content. I could review more products, have more varied experiences and maybe enhance my blog with videos and who knows what else.

Therefore, if you wish to contribute an entirely voluntary amount, entirely of your choosing, you can now do so easily through Pay Pal. Simply click on this button

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and make a voluntary donation. Please note that this is entirely voluntary and not donating will not affect you or your subscription in any way. This is just a way for those interested in helping out, to help out.

Please note that the form that appears does ask quite a lot of personal information. None of that information apart from your name is seen by me. The information is recorded by Pay Pal and/or your bank to prevent fraud and verify credit card etc details on their side. I promise to keep all names confidential.

As always thank you for reading, thank you for your support and please feel free to contact me if you want to, I am always happy to listen and help where I can.

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