I am just your average happily married, monogamous semi closeted crossdresser. I hope to entertain, educate, inspire and connect with as many people as possible by sharing my experiences, my journey and my thoughts with you. This blog deals with the lives and experiences of transgender people and how we interact with the society we find ourselves in. I hope you enjoy reading about this demi monde.

I am very private and discreet, some may even say shy.
My interests include international affairs,current affairs, history, economics, investments, physics, and literature My interest in biology is pretty much limited to sex.
Fantasy and science fiction is most enjoyable as is Lee Child.
I am a big fan of art house cinema.
My musical tastes include punk, new age, heavy metal, classic rock, hard rock, reggae, ska, world music (particularly African contemporary), baroque, medieval, classical, romantic and some country. Opera is best avoided. I play air guitar to beginner level and the fool. I sing in tune at least once in an octave.
I am broad minded  and I pursue knowledge relentlessly. I love my family and adore my wife. I love to cook and show my love by cooking up a storm from time to time.


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  1. Hi Daniella.

    Hope your looking forward to Autumn! 🙂 I was looking at yout TGguide profile and noticed the link to you site here isn’t in your profile on TGguide.

    Enjoy the waning days of Summer. 2 days, 12 hours, 2 mins until Spring for me and Autumn for you.



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  2. Thank you for visiting my blog, and lovely to meet you here. You sound like a very interesting and knowledgeable person. 🙂 xxx Glad to know the blogosphere has them to thin out the ranks of bigots and conspiracy nutcases…

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    • The feelings are entirely mutual then. Thanks for visiting and following. I really enjoyed reading your ‘about me’ section and look forward to reading more of your writings. Not sure how knowledgable I am, but I do have an enquiring mind and love learning, the more I learn, the less I seem to know and that is an amazing realisation. Especially ad there is no exam at the end of the semester (at least I HOPE there isn’t 🙂 )

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  3. Did you say conspiracy? 😉


  4. Danielle your “About is just lovely. I have visited your “About” several times not sure if I wanted to follow you since we are going a bit different direction. i think that your posts are tastefully and honestly written. I truly look forward to reading more of your work.

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  5. Hi Daniella! Thanks for reading and following mycrossdressworld! Glad I could read and hear about your experiences.

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  6. Hey Daniella,

    Just for the record – you have some fantastic legs. 😉


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  7. You are so brave for getting your story out there and look stunning!


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