SA Blog Awards

Hi Everyone

In a state of hubris, madness and general stupidity I entered the 2016 SA Blog Awards I have entered in two categories, the ‘LGBT’ category and the ‘lifestyle’ category.

If you like my blog please vote for me.

If you hate my blog, what the hell, please vote for me anyway… It is free and costs you nothing but a teeny weeny little bit of your time.

‘How do I vote?’ I hear the populace declaim… Well look all the way down at the bottom right of the page. There you will find a handy ‘vote’ button.
It is a big red button that says ‘vote. Can’t really miss it.
Click it.
Your vote will be registered. You can only vote once and if you vote for another blog after mine your vote is taken away from me and goes to them. So please don’t do that.

Happy voting and thank you for your support.




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  1. Done!

    Took a while to locate the vote button though – can you not move it to the top of the page – just a thought!


    • THANK YOU! You are awesome! 🙂 With my design I cant bring it right to the top as current articles go there… Best I could do is just below the ‘older posts’ section (ie where ‘search’, ‘categories’ and ‘donate’ currently are…) I thought that is actually harder to find than ‘bottom right hand corner’ or am I wrong?


  2. Slap me around and call me silly. I have seen this post several times and wanted to vote. So I would click on the link and think “Where on the bottom right?” Now I know which bottom right you meant 😛 LOL Well now my vote is in. 🙂

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