Oh What a Night… aka Quizzical Experiences at Amuse. We were not amused.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! Sometimes you just have to laugh at the little tricks life has to play on you. As my regular readers may know our children are off seeing their cousins in a town some 1 000 kilometres away. This has given us much time for en femme fun. Since we first knew that this little opportunity was going to come our way, we had been planning on attending a quiz night at Amuse Cafe, a charming little bar, cafe type place nearby that is a super cool little place to be and is also very transgender friendly.  I had attended a quiz night in July and had really enjoyed myself. The witty repartee and light hearted fun atmosphere suited me to a tee and I wanted to share this with my spouse.

I have been making the most of my time to just be me and had been wearing false nails pretty much every day from last week Tuesday through to Sunday. On Sunday I had to remove them as my parents invited us to lunch. Then on Monday I had a business meeting. So, when Tuesday rolled around I was quick to put another set back on and I spent the morning en femme. I had to pop round to The OPC to collect a belt that was being adjusted for me. As the weather was nice and warm (it has been unseasonably cool the last few days) I decided I would wear something light, fun and summery, so I went for a strapless sun dress that I had bought for my spouse a few years ago, but that she seldom wears as she doesn’t feel great in it. I paired the dress with my flat sandals and some minimal (well, minimal for me, anyway) jewellery. Here is an idea of what the ensemble looked like.

It was a lovely and liberating feeling to be walking around with my shoulders bare. It felt quite natural, cool and free. It almost felt like I was naked, but of course I was not. I was wearing my breast forms and as I have stick on forms, and as the dress is strapless, low backed and provides a fair bit of support, I decided I would try going braless (overshare?). It worked ok, but only ok. I found that the dress was pulling down on the top of the forms causing them to fold over. It looked and felt fine, but I was concerned that this may damage the forms. Buts as I managed almost all day in the dress I suppose I shouldn’t complain! I headed off to the OPC and picked up my belt, which I duly added to my ensemble. Would love to know what you think looks best, belted, or belt free?

I returned home after a very quick outing and continued to put in a good day’s work.

I checked in with Amuse and confirmed that we needed to be there at 8 pm for the start of the quiz. I decided to not bath before going and to simply do some makeup touch-ups as the new makeup I am using holds up well for the whole day. This also meant we could have a nice relaxed evening before getting ready.

At around 7ish we got changed and touched up our faces. I decided that as it was raining (again) and as I wanted to be warm, I would wear my jeggings, my cowboy boots and that I would borrow my spouse’s Venetian top (it is a top that depicts the Venice skyline, that we bought in Venice). I decided to take a leather jacket as it was cool out. I added a pink scarf around my waist to jazz things up a little.

We hopped in the car and took a short drive to Amuse, arriving with plenty of time to spare. As we pulled into the parking lot we noticed a car that looked an awful lot like a friend’s car. We weren’t 100 percent sure because it seemed to be lacking an advert that was normally on the door, but the make, model and bumper stickers all looked very much like they belonged to the friend. Problem! She doesn’t know Daniella, she only knows my male alter ego… Bigger problem! Our daughters are friends with her daughters. Her eldest daughter babysits for us, she is very good friends with the parents of children at our daughters’ schools… EEEK! What were we to do?

My spouse went into the cafe while I sat in the car. In no time at all she was back. It was indeed our friend’s car. She was indeed in the cafe WITH HER WHOLE FAMILY! We fled… We were all dressed up with nowhere to go. What should we do. I looked at the time and a thought sprung to mind. We could race home, I could get changed and we could race back to the cafe. We would be maybe ten minutes late tops. So, we got hold of the owner and explained the situation to him and asked him if he could hold off the start for a few minutes. He was so cool about everything.

I changed into jeans and a t-shirt at home and removed my makeup as quickly as I could. He played it very cool when we arrived acknowledging we knew each other but not mentioning Daniella at all. I recognised a few of the other people there from my last quiz night, but either they did not remember Daniella at all from nearly six months ago (I know, can you believe it, how rude) or they just did not recognise that Daniella and male me where the same person. We had a bit of a giggle when we realised (after a toilet break) that this was the first time I had used the gents’ toilets at Amuse. The toilets were fine, but on the whole I prefer using the ladies’.

We discovered that our friend had extended family visiting and they felt the need to do something different. She had seen the quiz advertised on a community Facebook page and decided to bring her extended family along. This was the first time she had been to Amuse even though she has lived within a few hundred metres of the place for over a decade. What is the chance of this happening?

We had a fabulous time and came a creditable third place at the end of the evening. Which was disappointing given that we were leading at the half way mark. Clearly our knowledge of contemporary music is less than ‘beautiful’. A big thank you to the Amuse team for being the fun, cool people they are. Hopefully our next outing will be less complicated!

If you want to do something tangible to support femininity and women, why not donate to Dignity Dreams? They provide valuable services to women in need and ensure girls stay in school. https://www.dignitydreams.com/ No amount too small.




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