Some ‘Personal’ Developments

Hi Everyone,

So I have some ‘personal’ news I would like to share… I am thinking of dropping the wigs (sorry to disappoint you all, those hairstyles weren’t my ‘natural’ hair… SHOCK! HORROR). So I am growing my hair.

This is still very much a ‘work in progress’ and I need to overcome something of a receding hairline as well as generally ‘thinning’ hair. Last year’s lockdown gave me an extended period of not being able to get a hair cut so I got through the really difficult ‘long-but-still-short’ phase which is annoying and messy and ugly and I am now getting some decent-ish length.

I have not yet had the hair ‘styled’. That will be done in the future when I have more length and (hopefully) more body. In December I went to a salon for a consultation and she gave me some excellent advice and the regime she suggested does seem to be working.

Anyway I have now got to the point where I think I can perhaps, just about, consider dropping the wig. With that in mind I present some ‘recent’ pictures (taken over the last few months). Apologies for the quality of the ones taken in January. These were ‘spur of the moment’ selfies taken with my laptop’s camera in less than ideal lighting conditions, so the quality is ‘iffy’ at best.
What do you all think? Is there hope? Constructive feedback as always is appreciated.

The picture above was taken in the Botanical Gardens in October 2020. The ones below in January 2021.
Should you be interested in any beauty treatments, ranging from eye brow waxes to manicures and facials give Annaleen a call today!


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  1. The black bikini ones are heavenly.
    The one in the red dress taken in the Botanical Gardens is so demure, classy and all-round feminine.
    More please!

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  2. Very pretty

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  3. I am actually really surprised! Just as is, your hair is beautiful as well as very passable. In time it will only get better, it will be interesting to see how it looks shoulder length!

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  4. Nice, looking good! Your hair is looking great. It’ll only improve with time.

    I have some very dear friends over from the UK for the next few months. They were wearing wigs a couple of years back, but now their hair has grown in beautifully; I assume it’s the hormones. My best friend’s receding hairline is now gone, and her hair looks great.

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  5. I keep searching for just the right word.. still haven’t quite found it. Poised, confident, natural are as close as I can get!

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