(Nearly) Two Weeks of Me Being Me Part 1

As you may have read, I have been lucky enough to have had nearly two full weeks to be me as a result of my amazing spouse having taken the kids on a holiday to the coast. In my post from 30 September, I gave you some idea as to what I have been up to, but I only managed to cover part of the first day in an article of over 1 400 words. I will therefore be running a series of  posts with some additional details of my adventures (I would say ‘highlights’ but that may result in me falling foul of misleading advertising regulations).

So first I need to fill in some details regarding the first Saturday. As you may know we run a ‘dressing service‘ for closeted, crossdressers and transgender people as well as for the ‘curious’ people out there. The service also operates as a bed and breakfast. We had a last minute overnight booking and we needed to get the room cleaned on Saturday morning. I had already committed to the pedicure with mt friend Anna and there was simply no way I could turn the room over and still make my pedicure appointment. We therefore booked a cleaning service to come and assist us. There was just one problem: I would have to be en femme. I had never had to deal with one of our cleaning people en femme before, so I was a bit nervous. I also did not want to cause her any discomfort (I don’t think it is fair to put employees through stressful situations). The small additional problem is that as we use a cleaning service we get different cleaners at different times. As it turned out we had used this particular person before and she had met the male version of me. This time she would be meeting female me…

I thus raced to get ready so that I would be fully dressed and ready to meet her when she arrived. Fortunately I was ready before she arrived, but only just… I met her at the door and explained what we needed done. To her credit she did not bat an eyelid and was professional throughout. I honestly cannot say whether she noticed anything odd or not. I told her that I would be heading out for a bit and that as soon as she was finished she could let herself out.

I was wearing a patterned skirt with a white top and my brown platform sandals.

My outfit for the day (photo courtesy of Anna Sanfilippo, check out her blog https://scumezza.wordpress.com/author/scumezza/)

This seemed like a good combination for the day ahead when I got dressed. However, I had forgotten that when you get a pedicure your feet are given a lovely moisturising cream. This meant that my post pedicure feet kept slipping out of my shoes and walking was… Tricky!

I knew I would have to walk though a shopping mall while looking for my piercing studio later that day and decided falling out of my shoes was likely to draw far more attention than strictly speaking necessary, so I decided to stop off at home for a quick footwear change before heading on out again. I was a bit worried that our cleaning person would still be there.

I arrived at the house, opened the gate and drove up the driveway. The cleaning person had finished up and left already, but our new guests had arrived whilst I was out and they were in their room, with the windows wide open. They were sitting at the table and looked right at me. I waved and smiled as I parked the car. I did not greet them as they were not expecting to see a hostess… I went inside and changed my shoes before leaving to have me ears pierced, which you can read about here.

The footwear change was inspired as  had a fair bit of walking to do. After getting my ears pierced I decided to do a spot of grocery shopping in the mall as I needed a few supplies for my lunch date with Carla the next day. I was pleased with the way I was treated by the checkout person. Pick n Pay for the win.

Later that night I visited Trouble but as it was a long weekend (the following Tuesday was a public holiday), it was very quiet. I stayed for a drink and after a chat with the ever friendly Hilton I decided to call it a night. I was feeling rather tired after my exertions and I collapsed into bed feeling exhausted but happy.

Makeup, transformations, accommodation, storage and more…

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