Happy Holidays

Wishing all my fantastic readers (and even the not so fantastic readers out there) a very happy holiday season.

Please be safe, please don’t drink and drive, remember to relax, rest and have fun and enjoy this special time with family and friends.

I hope to make this blog better (and be more regular with updates, sorry it has been an interesting year) in 2019. Thank you for reading my rambling Ramblings and please let me know if you have any special requests for 2019.

Priscilla’s Services for all your crossdressing requirements: storage, makeup, personal shopper and accommodation/a place to dress. https://priscillasservices.wordpress.com/



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  1. LOL we are so much alike. I have many of the same interests.

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  2. I have enjoyed all your postings…you are the girl I would like to be like .

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  3. Daniella, I Love your blog!! Wish I could hangout with you. I hope you have an
    incredible new year❤


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