Radio Silence

Hey what happened? You haven’t updated this blog in ages is a question I have literally not been asked recently… But I do know you were all thinking it and have just been too polite to ask.

So, where have I been?

Well a lot has been going on in my life recently. Work git really interesting, and not in a good way, from July this year. I started doing some deep introspection and I suddenly saw an opportunity to start my own business.

So I did it. I negotiated an exit deal with my employer in October and from 18 October I have been my own boss. My word. I have been busy. Registering a new business, setting up a website, securing an internet domain, registering for tax, commissioning logos, interviewing potential staff, setting up service providers and trying to find some clients to generate some revenue (kind of important for the business), whilst also assisting your spouse in the running of her business can sure take it out of you*. I have been running from meeting to meeting, traveling, designing proposals and presentations and setting up sales calls… But it seems to be paying off. After just a few weeks of operation we have signed up a few clients, we have a few more in the pipeline and our revenue streams are starting to look like they will be more than just viable. So life is coming together.

Sadly my spouse and children have had some ill health (nothing too serious) lately and that has also meant that my time has been at something of a premium. Fortunately they seem to have all (mostly) recovered from their various tummy bugs and other malaises and are back in hale and hearty health. Nothing quite tugs at your heart strings as seeing your children being unwell. Especially when there is little you can do to make them feel better…

All of this means that I have had very little spare time. This has impacted on my ability to venture forth into the world as my true self and of course negatively impacted on my writing time. But as I am now my own boss I have found some time to do my own thing on my own schedule without needing to take leave, get permission for a day off or anything like that. It is fantastic. There will also be opportunities in the future to be more authentic in my daily life which is frankly awesome… In the meantime whilst I obviously have to worry about things like getting my revenue stream up and running, dealing with suppliers, building my client base etc and whilst that is not all plain sailing let alone easy, my quality of life has improved immeasurably. I am happier and far less stressed. I am even getting some of my thinning hair back! As soon as I have all the clients I have targeted on board and achieved my revenue targets I suspect I will be even happier.

In the meantime I have had some opportunities to work as my authentic self and I have also managed to get out and about too. I will be giving you some (short) follow up posts on these adventures in the coming days… In the meantime sorry I have been so scarce, please bear with me. I will be back at full strength soon, I am sure.

Should you be interested in any beauty treatments, ranging from eye brow waxes to manicures and facials give Annaleen a call today!

*Disclaimer: she is a pillar of strength and helps me in my business at least as much as I help her in hers…


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  1. Good to hear from you again 🙂 Great to hear about your new business and also to hear that your spouse are feeling better. All the best with the new business 🙂

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  2. Hi Daniella

    HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS on starting your own. I wish you all the success in your new venture.

    If you do require a Bookkeeper/Accountant please do let me know. I can do your books.

    Congrats again and allies van die beset

    Have a blessed journey

    Warm regards

    Thakor (ONE JUST LIKE YOU)

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