Product Review: Playtex Everyday Comfort Panties

As you may know, from time to time I inflict a product review on my readers. Today is one such day. Please remember all products are purchased by me at full price and I do not receive any payment from the manufacturers, distributors or retailers. This sis therefore as unbiased a product review platform as you are likely to find.

I recently acquired four pairs of Playtex Everyday Comfort panties. Two were marketed as ‘medium support’ panties, offering everyday support and comfort and the other two pairs are ‘firm support’. The panties come with matching bras or you can simply buy them as separates. As I have quite a few bras, more than any self respecting woman really needs if I am honest, I only bought the panties not the combination pack.

The panties are elegant and offer a hi-cut leg, full bottom coverage and some very pretty detailing. Even the black and white panties (the firm support varieties) come in a fabric that is delicately and prettily patterned, with additional pretty lace and bow details. The medium support panties offer similar details and also come in bolder colours and with floral patterns.

The medium support panties are fantastic for everyday wear. I wear mine quite often and they are very comfortable. The full support versions are also fantastic for everyday wear, but they also offer a good option for en femme days. As you know I usually use Woolworths’ range of shape wear briefs as these offer good support and help hide unsightly bulges without the need for tape and other measures when tucking. These panties are effective but hardly attractive, let alone sexy. The Playtex panties offer fantastic support but are far prettier and dare I say it, they are even sexy! There is sufficient fabric and the fabric is sufficiently elasticated to allow for a good tuck and it holds all the bits in place very well.

I wore mine for a full day with no discomfort, no slippage and I think I maintained a nice looking silhouette throughout the day. Here is a picture I took of the floral medium support panties I purchased from Edgars.


As you can see they feature a very pretty floral fabric design and a cute bow on the waist line. Here is a picture of me wearing the panties on a recent day out.

They may not be the easiest pictures to asses the panties’ level of support from, but I felt that they did a fantastic job.

I am actually thinking of retiring my Woolworths granny panties and replacing them with these panties. I am very happy with them. They are not too unreasonably priced. I bought my 2 packs for R239.95 (US$15.50), which puts them at around R120 (US$7.75) each. Not the cheapest items of underwear you will ever buy, but not bad for a special occasion item and certainly a lot cheaper than a specialist gaff which can set you back anything from US$25 to US$50.

For value for money, overall efficacy and aesthetics I can heartily recommend the Playtex Everyday Comfort range of underwear. If someone feels like donating some cash (US$25 should just about do it) I will happily review the bras next! 😉
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