Perfect Touch Beauty Salon: A Review

I was introduced to Perfect Touch Beauty Salon by one of our Priscilla’s Services clients last year. I have gradually been taking better care of my skin and my appearance and I felt like I needed to start getting some professional advice. Therefore, in February this year, I finally called them up and booked my first appointment. I have made use of their services several times over the last few months and I thought that it would be a good idea to let you all know what I have thought of them. Unfortunately, this will only be of major relevance to those of you in Gauteng South Africa, but it may give those of you further afield a better idea of what to look for in a beauty salon.

But first, as ever a little history lesson by way of background. Over the years I have been trying to tame my body hair (it is the main cause of dysphoria in my life) and I have used epilators, laser treatment and of course razors in an effort to tame the jungle. I have been happy with the progress I have been making in this regard. I have also been trying to make my eyebrows a little more feminine. When I first started dressing in public I did not do much to my eyebrows, focussing instead on other areas in need of more urgent intervention.


Bushy eyebrows

As you can see from this picture which is from one of the first times I dressed en femme in public, my eyebrows are a little on the bushy side. Once I had tamed the more obvious areas, I therefore started trimming and plucking them in an amateurish effort to get a more feminine shape. I will let you be the judge of my success (or lack thereof).


Better definition? Perhaps. But still far from ideal.

For what it is worth, I think I did manage to get some better definition, less overall bushiness, but perhaps not the best or most feminine shape ever. Essentially, I just thinned them out. I was not all that satisfied with my efforts.

I therefore called Annaleen (072-350-3160) up and she told me how long an eyebrow wax would take (a whole 15 minutes), how much it would cost (a very reasonable R50 – approximately US$3.75) and we set up an appointment at a mutually agreeable time. I was not nervous at all because I had met the owner, Annaleen, at one of our functions and I knew she was a lovely person who was friendly and very accepting of gender non-conforming people. I also believed her to be highly competent and professional.

Unfortunately, Perfect Touch is based in Roodepoort, which is nearly 18 km (just over 10 miles) from my home and it takes just over 20 minutes to drive the distance. It therefore takes nearly three times as long to get to and from the appointment as it takes to have the treatment. It also costs almost as much in terms of petrol to get there as the cost of the treatment…

I arrived at the salon. It is on the property of a private suburban house and is built above the garage. As I arrived Annaleen opened the gate for me and I was able to easily reach the salon as it is very well sign posted (you enter via stairs situated at the rear of the building). I climbed the stairs and arrived at a very tastefully decorated and well-appointed salon. The salon is split between a hair salon and the beauty salon. The space shared by both businesses. The hair salon occupies the open plan area, there is a shared administrative area and then Perfect Touch has a private treatment room with a door that closes. Inside the spacious treatment room there is a comfortable treatment table, various tables with all the necessary tools of the beautician’s trade etc.

I lay down on the table and Annaleen started applying the warm wax to my eyebrows. At this point I started getting a little apprehensive. The truth is I had never had any part of my anatomy waxed. Years ago, I had booked a leg wax (with another beautician) but had never ‘consummated’ the appointment (so to speak) due to the beautician cancelling the appointment several times and I eventually gave up… Would it hurt? Was I about to scream and cry like a baby? Would Annaleen’s neighbours call the police believing a terrible case of abuse was being perpetrated in suburban Roodepoort?

I felt the warm wax press against my skin as Annaleen applied the fabric strip. There was a period of bliss and then… RIP! Annaleen tore my eyebrow hairs from their pores. It was a little shocking but no more. The sensation was one of relatively mild discomfort. No more. In fact, some of the work done was not even that. The sensation of the hairs being pulled out could be quite pleasant. Some hairs were more securely rooted, and the feeling was a little less comfortable. And one particularly stubborn sector did result in a little watering of the eyes.

In no time at all the waxing was done and Annaleen showed me the results in a hand mirror. I was very pleased instead of having thinner masculine brows, my eyebrows actually arched up and away from my eye. I was happy. But I will let you be the judge. I have returned to her for waxes every six weeks or so (with one rather long hiatus in between when I was ill). The below pictures were all taken at various stages after Annaleen started working her magic on my eyebrows. I seldom need to do touch up work between waxes. In fact, I am too scared to pluck lest I undo all her good work and ruin the shape she has achieved.

I think the shape is much better (far more feminine than I could ever have hoped for), they have been nicely thinned out and the growth profile has changed for the better over the last few months.

Annaleen is always super professional. She unfortunately suffered a bad mountain bike accident earlier this year and because of surgery had to take some time off from work. At this difficult time, she ensured that she never let her clients down. She always had someone on hand to fill in for her who was trained and qualified. Annaleen herself has extensive experience and knows the ins and outs of the beauty industry and can advise on several matters at hand. All that experience is invaluable and there really is no substitute for experience.

I have never had a bad experience at Perfect Touch and I have always felt valued, comfortable and at ease. The only criticism I have is that the salon is a little far out for me, but the fact that I am prepared to travel such a distance to have my hair ripped from my body in itself speaks volumes.

As can be seen from the price list below, Perfect Touch offers a full range of services for both men and women. Gender non-conforming people need not feel at all squeamish or uncomfortable around Annaleen. She is very accepting of us and understanding of our needs. She is eager to help and seems to enjoy the challenges we present her with. I have no reservations in recommending Perfect Touch to you and I have recommended Annaleen to a few transgender friends. They have all been very complimentary of Annaleen’s professional yet friendly and caring manner. I am planning on extending the services I make use of in the coming months as well.

Why not give Annaleen a call and book an appointment? You will not regret it!



Please note that I am and remain a fully paying customer at Perfect Touch. This post has not been sponsored and I receive no discounts, payments or other considerations from Perfect Touch.


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