Shopping Expedition

My amazing spouse sent me a Whatsapp message a few Saturday night’s ago, saying that she had seen some lovely dresses in Cresta and that she wanted to go shopping with me. My heart sang with joy and we planned to go shopping as soon as the we could.

The kids were out for the morning and would then be busy at various sports events in the afternoon, so we could have the whole morning together and I could have the whole day (my spouse kindly volunteered to do all the fetching and carrying in the afternoon). I decided that as it was starting to get towards the end of summer I really needed to wear a skirt and sandals. I chose the trusty denim mini, paired with a white nude shoulder top and my black and beige ‘snakeskin’ Aldo wedge sandals. I also took this opportunity to use the new handbag my spouse had given me as a Christmas present. I thought there was just enough black in the sandals to justify its use. Whilst cleaning my makeup sponge I rather clumsily sprayed soapy foundation all over the front of my top. Not to worry we have two white nude shoulder tops in our wardrobe so a quick change ensued without having to do any outfit re-planning.


We were able to get ready and head out to the shops by 9 am.

We stopped off at Identity and there were indeed some lovely dresses there. They were on sale and the price wasn’t too bad, but I wasn’t sure about them and so we looked elsewhere.

At Mr Price we found three tops that were cute, pink (I have been looking for some pink tops since last year) and in varying degrees of sexiness. They were also cheap. I love cheap clothes. For less than the price of one dress at Identity I could get three tops that were definitely more versatile. They were also all available in my size.

Mr Price’s sizing is always a bit variable, so I decided to try them on. On the way to the fitting room we saw a few pairs of shorts on sale that my spouse really liked, so we picked those up too. As we walked into the fitting rooms my spouse received a call from a potential client wanting to book accommodation in our studio apartment… I went into one room and she another. I believe we were the only people in the fitting room. I hope we were because if anyone else was in there they would have been very bored hearing about the person on the other end of the line’s travel plans. I tried on all three tops and they all fitted me perfectly. I left my room after putting each top on and got a thumbs up for each one.

The top I saw last turned out to be my favourite. It is a pink top with frills and is worn off the shoulder. It can be worn as a casual top at the mall, to the movies or whatever and can work (I think) with a skirt, leggings or a pair of skinny jeans. I wore this top to our last Priscilla’s Services Social and at the mall before heading to the social and I felt adequately dressed for both occasions. Here are some pics of the top. The picture taken on the day that I bought the top is the picture of me in the denim mini. The others are from the social.


The next top I found was a much brighter pink top. It has one long sleeve and the other side is sleeveless. So, you wear it with one arm and one shoulder exposed. I feel that this top is less casual than the one above. It also feels more risqué to me when I am wearing it. It is strange how having two shoulders bared feels less exposed than having one… I wore this top out to dinner last weekend and it felt good wearing it to the mall for dinner. I think I would feel rather overdressed wearing it during the day though. I think it works well with the skinny jeans and if I wore it with my white skinnies, I think it would glam it up quite a lot. Again, here are some pictures of me wearing it on the day I bought it (denim mini) and out to dinner (skinny jeans and black boots).

The last top I found was a lovely little pink and white check sleeveless top with a frill around the top that is worn off one shoulder. I haven’t had a chance to wear this one yet, but as it has the frill and the checks it feels a little less formal and ‘cuter’ than the flat pink one above. I think it could also work with skinny jeans of varying colours as well as a skirt. All of these pictures were taken on the day that I bought the top.


Given the need for me to accentuate my bust I like the frills on the tops that have frills. The frill really brings the eye to that part of the body and seems to accentuate what little I do have. It also seems to help make the most of my modest waist. The tightness of the flat pink without frills is rather unforgiving. The top with the two bare shoulders has the added advantage of being a little more flowing and less tight than the other two. Whilst not helping in the waist department, it is a lot less forgiving of any rolls of fat you may have. The flat pink one certainly shows any and all of these rolls, no matter how few you may have, or how small they may be.

After purchasing these tops, we stopped off for a salad at Dominique’s Cafe in Cresta. The food and service were good, and the food was well priced. All too soon, it was sadly, time for my spouse to go and pick up the children. I returned home and took some selfies before packing it all away ready for the return of the children.

This little piece has inspired me to do some more fashion related writing. Watch this space for some more pieces on clothing (rather than shopping trips) coming this way…


The OPC for vintage clothing, jewelry and other collectables. Visit us at 1 Sandela Court, corner Levubu and Olifants Roads, Emmarentia, Johannesburg

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  1. Nice sis.



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