The Day My Twitter Feed Went Mad

I was lying in bed going through my Twitter feed on Boxing Day when I came across a tweet by one Ann Coulter (who I had never even heard of before). I felt compelled to respond because I disagreed with the sentiments she expressed. Sadly, my response contained one or two too many hashtags, but that is another story.

Here is her tweet and my response:


There were some responses to my tweet, most of which I ignored, but I did engage with a few that warranted engagement. If you want to follow the thread, please feel free to do so. I however had no idea what I had started. We went off to a Boxing Day family gathering and on returning, I found that my Twitter feed had been going crazy… And has continued to do so for the last 36 hours.

Then today I saw that The Daily Dot had picked up on my tweet as well. It explains a lot. On the other hand it isn’t every day that you are mentioned in the same article as the Pope. I guess I will take that.


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