Bra Travel Case: A Review

My very sweet, supportive and generally special friend Anna, owner of Emporium of Delights and All Things Nice gave me a very unexpected birthday present recently (yes, it was my birthday recently). Knowing that I travel for work and often take advantage of the time to present en femme, she gave me the gift that every traveling t-girl needs, a bra travel case!

The bra travel case is a smallish bag that is perfectly shaped for a bra, with place to keep the bra cups. The bag has hardened shells that will protect the cups and indeed the clasps from getting crushed in a suitcase, whilst also stopping other items from rubbing against and damaging the delicate lace and other delicate materials bras are often made from. The bag has a zip to close it and keep all your items nice and secure.

The case that Anna gave me has a cute, fashionable and stylish leopard print covering and some pretty black lace as well as a handy little handle, making this a fashionable and practical item for the t-girl (and indeed cisgender woman) on the road.

Bra travel case with leopard print covering, lace detail and handle.

The case is relatively small, it measures 33cm long x 16 cm wide x 8 cm high  (about 12″x7″x3″ in American). This means it will fit nicely in a smallish suitcase. It does raise some concerns about cup size though. My bras are 36C meaning they are not exactly on the ‘large’ side of the sizing spectrum and they did fit rather well, but I would be concerned about a larger cup size fitting in the case. I took two bras (and a pair of forms) with me and they were both under wired and padded and the fit was a little snug. If you wanted to take more bras on a trip, I would suggest using non padded bras or getting more than one case. If you wear larger size underwire bras, you may want to check that they will fit in the case. The case zips open so that you can flatten it out making it very easy to put the bras in the case.

For those of us who need to use breast forms, these cases are a boon, especially if you are not wearing the forms whilst in transit. Whether you use commercially available silicone forms or home made rice forms you will have the problem of transporting these safely. The last thing you need is to arrive at your destination with a bag full of rice (or worse silicone) as a result of a breast form getting pierced by an errant stiletto heel! On my most recent trip to Cape Town I took my rice filled forms with me and they fitted very nicely into my travel case. I felt much better knowing that they were safely stowed and unlikely to be stabbed by my shoes, or anything else. I would still be a little nervous of putting a pair of silicone forms in the case with a bra as the bra clasps could do some damage to the breast forms delicate ‘skin’. If you want to use this case to transport silicone forms I would suggest buying two cases. One for your bra and one for your forms, but I may be being overly anxious in this regard.

I flew from Johannesburg to Cape Town (and back) and carried my forms and bras in the travel case in my suitcase. I arrived in Cape Town and both the forms and bras were in excellent shape. The padded cups were in perfect condition and required no attention before putting them on.

I am very happy with my gift and think it is an excellent addition to my luggage when traveling. I would recommend this item to anybody who has to transport their bras. Bras are expensive items and it is a terrible waste for them to get damaged in transit. The travel case is available from the Emporium of Delights and All Things Nice. You may want to check pricing with Anna as prices may vary depending on prevailing exchange rates.

Thank you Anna for a fabulous and very thoughtful gift!
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