Priscilla’s Services Evening at The OPC

Those of you who read my breast form review and who also read our Priscilla’s Services newsletters will know that I attended a private shopping and fashion information evening, hosted by Priscilla’s Services at The OPC in late September. This was a fun night out, especially as it came in the middle of the week, thus breaking up the drudgery of the work week rather nicely. It was also the first time I was giving my new breast forms a wear. It was thus an auspicious day.

Being a midweek evening, meant I was posed with some challenges with respect to my home life. Whilst Priscilla’s operates a dressing service, ‘the cobblers’ children often lack shoes’ and I needed a place to dress. You see we had decided not to disrupt our children’s lives and had opted to get a babysitter at home rather than ship the kids off to a relative for the night. So, where was I to dress? Home was clearly not an option for this semi-closeted transgender person. We spoke to Lesley and she graciously agreed that I could get changed in the rear of the shop. This was a great relief.

As the day approached the schedule started to take shape. I realised that I could get off work early and that even though it was school holidays, my daughter would be out of the house in the afternoon as she had a gymnastics session to attend. I also saw that I needed to get some makeup and some other odds and ends. The inklings of a plan emerged. I could get home from work early and change into some casual (well casual for me anyway) femme clothes, do my makeup and then head to the mall for some retail therapy and then make my way to The OPC, change into something a little more formal and then have a wonderful evening of yet more retail therapy, fashion, shopping and fun.

I got home from work and as soon as the family had left for gymnastics, I had a super-fast shower. I shaved and then started working out how to apply the breast forms. The forms are asymmetrical which gives them a very realistic shape, but it does make for some interesting experiences positioning them. I also realised that the self -adhesive backing is a double-edged sword. Once on they feel fantastic, but getting them on and in the right position is tricky. You can’t just slide them into the right spot. You need to apply, remove, reapply until you get them right. Having attached the breasts into something approximating the right position and put on my bra, it was time to get dressed. I opted for jeans, a casual top and my trusty cowboy boots because they really work for me when mall crawling. I applied my makeup, did my hair, grabbed my bag of goodies that I needed for the evenings wardrobe change, stuffed my powder, lipstick, comb etc into a handbag and charged out of the house. My look was something like, but not exactly like the picture below.


The timing was tight. I was a short distance up the road when my spouse called to say that they were arriving home. If I had taken just a few minutes longer getting those breast forms in place I would have been having some serious heart to hearts with the kids far sooner than intended… Maybe that would have been for the better?

I arrived at Cresta Shopping Centre (mall) and headed to the specialist beauticians that supply my preferred brand of foundation. This was the same shop that I had been less than happy with the last time I was getting foundation, but as the stuff is hard to find, I was compelled to use them. I am happy to report that my experience was far better this time round. The shop was quieter (it was a midweek late afternoon) and the shop assistant (a different one this time round) was helpful, attentive and professional. Sadly, she was unable to find any of the foundation I use in the shade that I needed. She did offer to order some for me, which I gratefully accepted. Sadly, more than a month later, I am still waiting for her to call me to say my foundation has arrived. Maybe I need to find a new supplier?

After the beauticians, I went to the pharmacy. I needed some toiletries as well as some other odds and ends. It was very warm in the pharmacy, and I was regretting not being in a skirt or a dress. Jeans can be quite warm in summer. After the pharmacy I went looking for a racer-back vest. I had worn one on the Slutwalk I attended and had some ideas as to how I could make them work for me. Here I got lucky. The shop had a special on and I got a white and a green vest for a very reasonable price. Shopping done, a happy Daniella made her way to the evenings next appointment.

I arrived at The OPC just as Lesley and Llewellyn were applying the finishing touches. I was still a little hot from the shopping trip (I think the air-conditioning must have been broken) so I sat down for a few minutes to cool down and gather myself. When she could, Lesley came over and we had a little chat before her friend Zoe arrived. We continued catching up and chatting. After a while I decided that I had better get myself ready for the evening. It would not do to not be ready when our first guests arrived. I took myself off to the back of the shop and got changed. I made a spur of the moment decision. I took a look at the breast forms and they seemed to be holding their own, despite me not having used any additional adhesive other than the self-adhesive backing the forms are designed with. They were pretty securely fastened and didn’t seem to be ready to go anywhere. Why not go braless, Dani? I thought to myself. indeed, why not? The shift dress I had chosen certainly leant itself to a form fitting, braless shape. I pulled on my rose motif shift dress sans bra, well, you only live once, changed my shoes et voila, I was ready.


This picture gives you an idea of the outfit. But this picture was taken some time ago and there were some key differences (jewellery for example). Sorry, no pictures from the actual evening, I was just too busy. felt good and I was really enjoying the way the new breast forms were feeling. At this point I had been wearing them for about two hours. Crucially these two hours had been with the support of a bra. We pottered around the shop waiting for people to arrive.

Shortly our guests did indeed arrive (always something of a relief) and I could start to relax. I was very aware of the fact that my breasts were ‘dangling in the breeze’ so to speak and I was more than a little concerned that I may experience a wardrobe malfunction. I was having a great time looking at Lesley’s stock, planning some outfits and catching up with old friends.

My friend, fashion professional and fellow blogger Ilse had kindly volunteered her time to talk to us about what trends we could expect this season. She gave us a very informative talk and even helped us individually with some ideas about what we could do to maximise what features we had and how to minimise those features we wanted to hide. It is always good hearing new ideas and getting some validation.

At about 9 pm disaster struck. I felt a slight tug on my right breast and then I felt a weight start to slide, gathering pace at an alarming rate. It was happening! I was losing my boob! Happily, I have never had anyone shout, ‘get your tits out love’ at me and I had no intention of getting even one out and certainly not in this less than classy fashion. I rapidly clutched at my rapidly sagging bosom and ran to the privacy of the back of the shop. Here I attempted to repair the damage, but I had not thought to bring any breast form adhesive with me. What is a girl to do? I realised that I could not rely on the limited adhesion being provided by the form’s adhesive backing. Fortunately, I had a white strapless bra with me and I would be able to use that. I pitifully called for my spouse and she played ‘lady’s maid’ for a few minutes as we addressed the wardrobe malfunction, put on the bra and reattached the breast form. There was just no way I would have been able to do all that unassisted, without getting almost completely naked. Not an attractive proposition given that the shop was full of people.

I emerged a little flustered, but no worse for wear and in mostly the correct shape. Top tip: if you are going to go braless, make sure you have applied the additional adhesive and make sure that you have some spare adhesive with you! Also, maybe having some sort of supportive top would be a good idea (I tested all these ideas a few weeks later and I can confirm I went a whole morning braless without incident). I must say in the breast forms’ defence, by this time they had been attached for about five hours. Three hours of which were without the benefit of a bra, they were literally hanging free and I had not applied any additional adhesive. All round I would say that they did rather well.

Wardrobe malfunctions notwithstanding, we had a lovely evening. The food was good, the company fantastic and the clothes and accessories were unique and exciting as always.

The OPC for vintage clothing, jewelry and other collectables. Visit us at 1 Sandela Court, corner Levubu and Olifants Roads, Emmarentia, Johannesburg

The OPC is now offering customers a bottomless coffee and a slice of cake (for a small fee) whilst browsing. You can sit in the shop, on the pavement cafe Lesley has created or if you fancy something more private there is seating in the courtyard at the back of the shop. The coffee is excellent and the cake superb. Pricing is reasonable and as always Lesley will happily natter with you, make you feel at home and tell you about the most exciting new arrivals. I heartily recommend it as a good way  to spend some time.

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