A Review: Stockings!

My amazing friend Anna has just started a new business called Emporium Of Delights and All Things Nice. It is a fantastic little venture. She imports lovely clothing accessories, jewellery, makeup and similar items. As this is Anna’s venture, the items are usually interesting, quirky or in some way different from much of the items you will find in a mainstream retailer. The prices are also reasonable and as Anna is doing the importing, you do not run the risk of your consignment going missing or having to pay a much higher price than you expected due to import duties, freight costs etc. I am therefore happy to recommend this business to you.

Anna gifted me a pair of stockings from her first consignment and asked me to review them for her as soon as I could. There was no other financial or other consideration and these are therefore my honest opinions of the product. The first opportunity I had to wear them was at the Priscilla’s Services vintage clothing evening in July.

The stockings are black ‘stay-ups’. They are of the sheer variety and are made (as far as I can tell) entirely of nylon. When I received them, Anna had not had a chance to package them for sale, she assures me that when she starts selling them, they will be properly and professionally packaged. This will greatly improve the appeal.

Packaging aside, the stockings are very good. They have a lace top that carries the silicone strips that ensure that these stockings really do ‘stay-up’. Often stay-up stockings do not work as advertised. They end up rolling down your thigh and instead of a smooth, sexy leg, you end up flashing a podgy rolled up piece of nylon that looks more like your grandmother’s knitted pantyhose than a sexy, sheer stockinged leg. I am happy to say that the silicone did its job and they stayed securely in place, all night long.

The other big win as far as I am concerned is that the stockings fitted very well. Once again stockings can be variable. I find that either they are too loose resulting in even more slippage and rolls of lace topped nylon, somewhere around your knee at some point in the evening, or they are so tight at the top of your thigh that you are in real danger of developing gangrene. I am not sure if it is just luck or that these are indeed well made, but the lace tops fitted securely and firmly without being too tight. They also worked very well on my legs. The lace top was high enough not to end up being exposed every time I sat down, but also not so high as to start interfering with any delicate bits of the anatomy. This suggests that they were ideally proportioned for my height and weight.

On the subject of the lace, it is very pretty. It kept its shape very nicely and looked like lace. I have a pair of fishnets that when I pull them up, the lace disappears as it rolls itself up into a sausage shape that then digs tightly into my upper thigh. Not terribly sexy and certainly not the most comfortable item of apparel. Anna’s stockings are different the lace kept its shape and looked as good when I got home as they did shortly after putting them on.

Apologies for the previous ‘slutty photos’* but I think they prove my point rather well. The first picture is of me on the evening of the Priscilla’s event, wearing Anna’s stockings. The second photograph is of me at Halloween a few years ago wearing the fishnets referred to above. Believe it or not, the fishnets also have a lace top, but you cannot see it because it just rolls up on itself. Anna’s stockings are far prettier and actually work. I also really like the way they look. The colour is just right, not too dark, but still clearly meant to be a colour.

Anna’s stockings are also good quality. I bought a pair of (expensive) sheer stay-ups from a major retailer for our trip to the ballet a few years ago. I was very embarrassed when I realised, upon taking my seat at the start of the ballet, that my stocking had laddered all the way down the back of my thigh at some point between leaving the house and arriving at my seat. Not a bad look if you are doing the goth chick thing, not great if you are trying to be an elegant and sophisticated lady at the ballet. Anna’s stockings, by contrast stood up rather well. I wore them for a good few hours, pulled them off and washed them in the washing machine (on the delicate cycle and in a laundry bag) and they seem as good as new.

In short, I would heartily recommend these stockings to you. They are good quality, comfortable, well-fitting and look fabulous. If you are interested, I am about 1.76 m (5’9″) tall and weigh about 67 kgs (147 lbs). I take a 28″ waist skirt/pants (size 10). This may help you when ordering your correct size from Anna. It wouold be best to give her your sizes and measurements so she can match the best pair to your needs. The retail price will vary depending on exchange rates and other variables. It would be best to check in with Anna in this regard. You can place an order with Anna by contacting her through her Facebook page.

I hope this was a useful review and you have a lot of fun shopping for accessories and items of apparel at the Emporium Of Delights and All Things Nice.

* You see dear reader, I will go to great lengths to give you the best quality reviews I can.

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