New Boots!

I have an awesome spouse. If any of you didn’t know that already, I do. This is not me bragging or trying to curry favour with her, it is simply a statement of fact. I am expressing an undeniable truth. Here is the evidence.

I love my cowboy boots. They are undeniably ‘women’s shoes’, they even have the biological symbol for females on them, but I wear them in male mode as well as female mode. They work in both. They were cheap (I only buy cheap women’s clothes, it just doesn’t make sense to me to splash out big money on clothes I wear so seldom). So, these boots were more decorative than practical. They are comfortable, but they are not ‘quality’. They are made of plastic and are not easy to maintain. Sadly, a few weeks ago I snagged my boot on the dishwasher door and it tore. Unfixable. Also, they are starting to look rather well-worn and a little scuffed.

Last week my spouse arrived home with a pair of ankle boots (in my exact size) in a very similar style. Very definitely ‘women’s shoes’ (she bought herself a matching pair) but again boots that can be worn in either mode.

They are super comfortable and being genuine leather, they are easily cared for and I suspect far more robust than my last pair of cowboy boots. I love them.

I wore these boots to a meeting at work on Friday. After the meeting, I wanted to have a chat with our group of companies’ CEO. He was on the phone so I was leaning against a table waiting for him to finish the call. I noticed that my jeans had caught on the tab at the back of the boot so I was fiddling with the hem of my jeans getting them to lie correctly over the boots… He looked up (possibly distracted by my movements). He got a good look at my boots, a broad smile came over his face (he is a bit of a fashion junky, male me, not so much) he pointed at my boots and he gave me a big thumbs up. Clearly, he loves them too. If only he knew!

Told you I had a fantastic spouse!


As noted above, I tend to not spend a fortune on women’s clothes. If you are looking for affordable quality items, why not check out The OPC? They have a wonderful range of beautiful, excellent quality, designer clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery and other accessories. That way you can get great quality items at an affordable price. I used to be a little ‘funny’ about buying second hand clothes, but all the items in The OPC have been carefully (and lovingly) selected by Lesley. They are all in very good condition and are clean. I have become a convert! Lesley is very accepting of transgender people so you do not need to feel anxious, but if you are, you can always contact Priscilla’s Services who will either do the shopping for you or they can take you around to The OPC and break the ice with you.

The OPC for vintage clothing, jewelry and other collectables. Visit us at 1 Sandela Court, corner Levubu and Olifants Roads, Emmarentia, Johannesburg

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