A Week of Me, Being Me: Part Two

I was lucky enough to have a whole week to just be me. From mid-July to almost the end of July my nuclear family went to visit extended family in another part of the country. I had to stay behind for work reasons and I was able to combine this with some wonderful alone time. Part One of my adventures can be read here. What follows is part two of the week’s activities.

Wednesday was a day of meetings in the office, so once again I had to spend it en homme. Thursday was spent visiting a service provider so once again I spent the day en homme. But the evening was an entirely different matter.

A potential Priscilla’s Services client from Europe had contacted us and asked to have one of our transformation packages and an accompanied outing. We explained that our makeup technician was out of town, but they were insistent. Being the professional service that we are I was not willing to step up to the plate, my skills are just not there, so we made a plan and called on a friend and offered her the work. She was more than willing to oblige and we were able to make both our client and our friend happy.

This meant that after my day out with my service provider, I had to race home and be ready to meet Carla and Susanna (the makeup artist and the client respectively). Fortunately, I had had time the day before to get the studio ready. I was rather nervous as while I handle all the social media and marketing for Priscilla’s Services, my spouse does all the actual work of dealing with clients. I was not as prepared as I thought I was and made a number of rookie mistakes. I forgot to get false nails, I didn’t have a ring that was big enough and I didn’t have perfume for her. But she seemed happy with the makeup and the choice of dress and the shoes.

I was not very happy with my makeup (or indeed my overall appearance) on the night but as I was working and Susanna was the main focus of the evening I was happy enough as long as she was happy. Carla and I took Susanna to Beefcakes where we met my good friend Anna and her friend Judith. Anna was celebrating her birthday, which was the next day, and I felt terrible that I had not remembered/known this salient fact. I was also a bit flustered as we had arrived rather late: makeup and wardrobe changes take time! We all had a great time and Susanna came out of her shell even joining us on stage after the show for some selfies and other photographs to commemorate the evening. Being European, Susanna was still rearing to go when Beefcakes was closing and calling last orders. We were among the last to leave. We got a nasty surprise when we realised that Anna and Judith had been in the parking lot for just over six hours. This pushed them into the maximum parking fee bracket, which was significantly more expensive than the next bracket down. We felt that this was really unfair, but the security guard on duty could do nothing to assist. Luckily, we all had sufficient cash on hand (the credit card machine was broken) and we were all able to get safely home.

At home, Susanna got changed and we waited for her Uber with her. Despite it being well after 1 am, the Uber was not far away (it really is an excellent service and has made life much easier). It arrived and we saw her off safely. I was worried about Carla driving home alone and had offered her accommodation for the night. She was happy to make use of the facility and I was happy that she would not be on the roads alone so late.

Friday was devoted to work. I did my usual day job and I also cleaned the studio thoroughly and returned all the wigs, breast forms, jewellery, clothes, shoes etc to the storage unit. This was necessary as we had another guest using the room fir the weekend. I managed to get everything done on time. Fortunately, our new gate mechanism was operational as he was a little later than expected and I had promised to visit my parents for dinner on Friday night. The new system meant that when he arrived, he pressed the bell and this reached my spouse’s mobile phone and she was then able to let him in from 1 000 kms away. Win! more on the guest later…

Keep an eye out for Part Three coming soon.

Priscilla’s Services for all your crossdressing requirements: storage, makeup, personal shopper and accommodation/a place to dress. https://priscillasservices.wordpress.com/




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