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In addition to offering transformations, makeovers, a place to dress, accommodation and storage, Priscilla’s Services also offers a professional and personal shopping service. One of the services provided is an international shopping service for certain ‘specialty’ items (breast forms, gaffs, breast form glue, hip pads etc) that are not easily found in South Africa. We have found that by consolidating orders and sharing shipping costs we can import the best quality forms for the same cost to the customer as you can purchase poor quality forms in South Africa, so this is a viable solution. When we ran our last order, the company we ordered from were kind enough to slip in a free gaff for me to review. Here are my thoughts on the gaff. Let’s hope I do not gaffe when sharing them with you.

Firstly, we should be clear about what a gaff is. ‘Gaff’ has a number of different meanings, many of which are nautical in origin, but for our purposes, a gaff is an undergarment designed to be worn by those with a penis and testicles who want to be able to minimise the visibility of these organs. In other words, a pair of ‘underpants’ that allow you to hide your ‘junk’. It can perhaps be best described as a super tight jock strap without the cup that holds the testicles. The idea is that it allows the wearer to wear tight fitting feminine clothing without showing off your genitals.

Secondly, it should be noted that I am the kind of person who likes to find affordable solutions to problems. The solution must be a good one and must ‘work’ but wherever possible, I pride myself on finding innovative, clever and cheap solutions. To this end, I do not myself use commercial breast forms. I prefer my own solution. I have also never bothered with gaffs as supplied by retailers catering to crossdressers and transgender people. Instead, I have found that a good sturdy pair of ‘granny panties’, especially those designed to give ‘firm control’ work wonders for me. They are super-powerfully elasticated and the ones I have help flatten the tummy in the front, keep all the dangly bits nice and tidily firm up against the inside of your thighs, with no chance of anything popping out, and the special shaped elastic back helps shape your bum in a nice feminine way. Obviously the more ‘jiggly’ you are the bigger and more noticeable the effect is on your bum and your tummy and since I have lost weight these are less marked on me, but in terms of the primary purpose of keeping my dangly bits nice and snug, this really works for me.

I was therefore very happy to receive a gaff to review. I was hopeful of it being a big improvement on my granny panties. What arrived was a turquoise, very strongly elasticated thong. Much less material than my granny panties and I dare say (special interest groups aside) much sexier than my granny panties! I know thongs and G-strings are not everyone’s cup of tea, but speaking personally, I quite like them. I enjoy the way they feel and I like the way they look on me and on others. If thongs are not your thing, you will probably not enjoy a gaff like I have, but I was happy to proceed.

The turquoise gaff.

I put the gaff on and immediately found that my usual method of ‘soft’ tucking was not going to work. I usually just push everything down between my legs and pull up the panties et voila! All is in place and snug. But when I tried that with the gaff, bits kept slipping out. This was uncomfortable and unsightly. No one wants a noticeable bulge on their tightly fitting dress or skirt! I think that if you want the best results with a gaff you will need to do the full tuck where you actually slip the testicles back into the inguinal canal. This is not my preferred method.

I also noticed that the penis itself was a bit more visible than it is using my granny panties. This is not in any way a ‘brag’, it is not like I am ‘large, I am actually on the small side (overshare? Sorry.) There is just much less space available to accommodate everything in the gaff compared to my more voluminous granny panties.

This means that the overall effect of the gaff is much less satisfying. There is some visible bulge, even when wearing jeans and the gaff is a little less comfortable. However, on the plus side it is far sexier. The granny panties are certainly not the sexiest piece of lingerie I own.

I have worn the gaff a number of times. I find it works very well as a support garment when running. This is not surprising as when it arrived the packaging was marketing it as an ‘athletic support’. I have also worn it both en femme and en homme with denim jeans. It does a good enough job hiding things when wearing these clothes, but I wouldn’t wear it with a tight dress or skirt. For that I still prefer wearing my granny panties and perhaps an additional pair of panties over them for additional support or to create the illusion of wearing something a little sexier to those gaping at my bum.

On a cost benefit analysis, the gaff also comes up short. Gaffs typically retail for around US$25. Once you add shipping costs and import duties you are looking at a cost price of about US$50. My granny panties retail for between R120 and R180 which is approximately US$9 to US$14. I therefore think that the granny panties are excellent value for money.

For those of you interested in acquiring a gaff or indeed the granny panties (perhaps I should rename them Dani Panties), you can contact Priscilla’s Services or you can find gaffs at a number of online stores.

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