Brunch with the Girls

I have been blessed with a few days leave over the last few weeks. We have taken as much advantage of this as possible and as our girls were back at school, I even got a few Daniella days in… Last Tuesday was one such day.

My friend Anna and I hadn’t seen each other for some time and wanted to meet up. Given the children at school situation, brunch seemed easier than lunch so we made plans to meet up in the morning. The only snag was that Anna lives on the other side of the city to us. We therefore decided to meet at a shopping mall sort of halfway between us. The mall in question was Eastgate Mall, a mall I have been to a fair number of times, but I had never been en femme, so this was going to be another (small) first for me.

My amazing spouse took the girls to school giving me time to get ready. She had recently bequeathed her very special designer ‘butterfly’ jeans to me and decided that this was an excellent opportunity to wear them. I matched them with my green ‘nude shoulder’ top and my brown stiletto ankle boots with tassels. The outfit was finished off with some appropriate jewellery, pink nails and my favourite sun glasses.
As ever a picture (or six) is worth a thousand words, so…

We were (almost) on time (sorry Anna) and decided to go to Brooklyn Brothers an American-Gourmet-Burger themed restaurant. The food was rather good, the service was good and the company was exceptional.

I had a Brooklyn Breakfast which was very good the sunny side up egg was indeed sunny side up and the albumen was properly cooked (not always a guaranteed experience). The bacon was a little too crispy for me, but I am not a fan of crispy bacon. Anna seemed to really enjoy her ‘The Hangover’ although the chili was perhaps a little on the hot side for her. Unfortunately her latte was less than ideal. There was simply too much milk which meant when the coffee was added it got a little messy. My cappuccino was very good.

We had a lovely natter and chat and caught up with various goings-on… After brunch we went our separate ways. My spouse and I stopped off to do a spot of clothes shopping. I mean really, who could resist the opportunity. We then got home and I got changed before fetching our daughters from school.

Overall Eastgate was, fine. I felt safe (I even had to use the ladies’ room and that was done without incident). No one seemed to notice me, let alone hassle me. It seems we have yet another mall that I am happy to recommend…


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  1. It was great seeing you both. Thanks for making the effort to cross over the boerwors curtain to see me! I must admit it was interesting for me as well seeing how our waitress took things in her stride and I was thankful you managed the bathrooms with ease – I did experience some panic but relaxed when I saw you reappear unscathed! Let’s do it again soon.

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