Pink Please

This is an article reproduced with the kind permission of Ilse Chetty from Where Have You Been?

Pink Please

With a new season comes new and exciting fashion trends, and this season is no exception. Being a lover of all things black, it is time to embrace change and welcome all things pink this season, after all pink is the new black.

When you think pink, pretty, feminine, floral, soft and fluffy is but a few of the things that come to mind. For those brave enough, why not wear pink from head to toe? But for the more conservative, by adding a touch of pink to your outfit, you will liven it up, make it trend worthy and give it the pop of color that you need.

Pink is an easy color to experiment with as it comes in a variety of shades. With pink being all around, why not play around with this hot color by incorporating it across various items in your wardrobe. I absolutely love Pinterest and it is a great source of inspiration on outfit ideas as you can see below.

Pink has made it’s mark on both the runway and as street-wear.

Pink outfits.001

Looking pretty in pink is so feminine, stylish and classy. Soften the outfit by pairing it with white or pair it with a black staple for a more dramatic look. Alternatively be bold and wear a full pink ensemble. Keep it interesting by combining items in various shades of pink.

Pink outfits.002Pink outfits.003

Pink does not have to be limited to smart wear, include pink to your casual outfit to add a touch of femininity and soften the look.

Pink outfits.004Pink outfits.005

If you simply want to add a touch of pink to your outfit, why not try a pair of shoes, a handbag or some accessories.

Pink Shoes.001

Pink handbags.001

Pink accessories.001

Finish off your look with a touch of pink on either your eyes, lips, nails or all of the above.

Pink eyes.001

Pink lips.001

Pink nails.001

Have fun, experiment and make a statement.

Thank you for reading. And remember, Pink? Yes please!

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