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Well isn’t this exciting. I am pleased to announce a new feature on Daniella’s Ramblings. We have a third ‘contributor’ to the blog. Doreen has been wonderful in volunteering her time to help transgender people in the UK and now, I am pleased to announce that Ilse Chetty is joining the team. Ilse has agreed to contribute some fashion articles to help the community.

Ilse has her own (very good) blog called Where Have You Been? and I would heartily recommend that you take some time to check it out when you have some time. Ilse is also a fashion professional. She works for a major South African fashion retailer and her job is to know about this stuff. This is really my way of saying she is qualified. Listen to her. Ilse has graciously allowed me to share her knowledge with you all. Please repay her by following her blog!

I will be posting Ilse’s latest article on my blog, but you can also get it from the horse’s mouth (so to speak). The article is called Pink Please and it is by Ilse Chetty


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