Never Judge a Book by its (Back?) Cover.

We were out and about a few days ago. I happened to see a rather statuesque (tall) blonde woman with blonde hair, wide shoulders, narrow hips and very well defined calf muscles, walking in front of us. I only saw her from behind.

I immediately wondered if she was a transgender woman. She was walking with a man… I thought nothing more of it.

A few minutes later she came around a corner walking towards us.
She was at least eight months pregnant. Very pregnant!
So, not a transgender woman then. Not at all!

Just goes to show never ever assume anything…

On that note dear readers I bid you all adieu for 2016. I hope you all have a very happy and safe New Year.
I will see you all in 2017.

Hugs and kisses




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  1. Indeed. Reminds me of a time last year. I was doing work at a supermarket we had on conteact and was under the deli counter, I heard a voice I believed to be male but it was not especially deep. When I got up to leave the area I discovered no male anywhere. Just a woman. A CIS woman. Again you cannot always judge. And what is more. Hearing her speak and seeing her gave me confidence that my voice was OK(ish).

    Have a very happy 2017

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  2. Yet another profound and astute. Happy New Year Daniella.

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