Sometimes it is the Little Things that Count

Being on a staycation has its benefits. Yesterday we were able to send the kids off to their grandparents for the day. This gave us a whole day of girly fun to ourselves. Upon returning from dropping the girls off we got ready to go out. We shaved, dressed, did makeup and nails. We both took our time and had fun getting ready. In just under two hours we were ready. As we were tenant and child free we were even able to take some pictures in the garden without fear of anyone seeing what we were up to. Bliss!

I decided to wear my trusty black platform sandals (they are so comfy), my denim mini and my new green nude shoulder top. I also decided that as a new year was imminent it was time to try a new hair colour. I am not sure about the darker colour. What do you all think?

After a short photo-shoot we headed off to the car and drove to Rosebank. We had planned this excursion for a few weeks. My spouse needed a few new clothes and so we had planned to shop up a storm for her. But first, lunch!

We had wanted to go to Tasha’s but when we arrived they were already full and they wanted us to take a number. We were surprised as not only were we early (it wasn’t yet one pm) but the mall was not exactly busy. We decided not to wait and found a very nice Portuguese restaurant called Spetada. Neither of us had eaten there before so we were keen to try it.

Upon arrival we were greeted by the front of house guy. He welcomed us and called us ‘ladies’. I still get a little flutter of joy in my heart when that happens… We were directed to our table and the waiter pulled my chair out for me and then pushed it in. Such a gentlemanly thing to do. And the first time someone has done that for me. WOW! I see why women enjoy that so much. It really is very nice…

I ordered the fried fish with a side salad and chips (fries). My lovely wife went for the rump steak and a side salad. The food was very good, but far too much for us. We enjoyed our meal and I really enjoyed having a chance to speak privately, we seem to have been surrounded by people for a long time. I think we may be back at that restaurant. Good food, fabulous staff, good atmosphere… It is a keeper!

Having been fortified by a good meal we started shopping in earnest. We found a number of really nice outfits. But as is often the case were frustrated as they were sometimes not available in the required size. Nonetheless I think she is really happy with her purchases. Towards the end of the excursion we walked into Identity and I saw a skirt I just had to have. It was gorgeous… It was a black pencil skirt with a gold pattern printed on it. Best of all it came as a twin pack with a plain black pencil skirt. There were only two left, one size 30 and one size 38. I was so disappointed, I really didn’t think the size 30 would fit me and the 38 was just too big. My wife said I should go and try it on. What did I have to lose? She was trying on some clothes anyway and we could go in together. How refreshing, not having to skulk outside the fitting room! She twisted my rubber arm and in we went.

I slipped off my denim skirt and pulled on the size 30 patterned skirt. It was tight, but it fit! I was so happy. Like I said it is on the tight side, but it is supposed to be a tight fit and it really shows my bum off very well. I felt phenomenal in it. It is a bit longer than my usual style (but then that isn’t hard). I will just have to be careful to not put on any weight! Here is a picture as my description really does not do it justice.


After a visit to one more shop we decided to call it quits. My wife had most of what she had come for, and a splitting headache (is it possible that I had out-shopped her?)  I had a bonus purchase of two new skirts (I really had not intended to buy anything) and a massive blister on my toe (we really had walked quite a lot). So with a successful day’s shopping and a good lunch behind us, we went home a happy pair.



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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day. The darker hair colour is fine and the shorter bob style suits you. It is what you are comfortable with that matters.

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  2. Your new color is very pretty but then you are beautiful no matter what color it is. Your posts are soo fun to read. i grow to love shopping more and more but would be that much more fun if i looked half as good as you do.

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  3. How much fun!! What a lovely day… And a lovely look for you, too! ~Sara Elise

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