Liv(er)ing up to Expectations

As you may know, I have been rather unwell lately. However as you know a girl never turns down a chance to shop, so despite an inflamed liver we went shopping!

Th weather is a little ‘variable’ here at the moment. It is late winter/early spring (yes our fruit trees are blossoming despite the fact that it is still officially winter) and that means you can have a lovely warm day, or a horribly cold and windy day. It can be hard to dress appropriately. The Saturday in question dawned cool, but not cold and that meant that I could wear a skirt! I haven’t worn a skirt in ages so I was very happy. I decided that pantyhose were in order as it was a bit cool and I also  wore a leather jacket. I defaulted to my trusty denim skirt and originally went with the tasseled ankle boots but they looked wrong to me so I exchanged them for my cowboy boots. Here is a picture:


In retrospect the pantyhose were not the best colour but hey you win some and you lose some…

We headed off to the mall. I was not hungry, but my spouse was famished so we had a meal at one of the Italian restaurants. She had a pizza, I had pasta and meat balls. We then went to do some shopping. I needed a pair of tights for an upcoming event (as it turns out I had to miss the event due to illness) and I also needed mascara and a few odds and ends at the pharmacy.

Whilst at the mall I was very aware that quite a few men were ‘noticing’ me. I think this may have been because I was in a skirt and most women were still very much in ‘winter mode’. Of course being noticed is always a double edged sword, at best you attract their attention because you look good, but as soon as they look more closely you are almost always clocked. Anyway I decided to put the best possible spin on it and chose to see it as a positive. Hopefully I did look good, hopefully I didn’t just look like a ‘dude in a skirt’.

At the pharmacy there were two quite feminine guys (not transgender people) buying makeup. They were clearly shopping for themselves and made no pretense. Nobody objected and it was all good. I found my preferred brand of mascara and had to walk right past them. I wonder if they clocked me? Did they care? Probably not! I love the diverse and tolerant society that I live in, I just wish the tolerance spread further and deeper throughout our society rather than existing in pockets as it does.

Anyway we then went and got my tights and then returned home. I really was not feeling my best but I had a very enjoyable time out. It just goes to show, you just can’t come between me and a shopping trip, not even hepatitis will stop me!


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  1. What a lovely post!

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  2. Think we all have a default item of clothing.


  3. Love those boots. I’ve missed your blog (its me, from eatpraylovemom) changed the blog name and think I’m finally ready to start blogging again. Wanted to stop by and check in on the blog and you. Hope you are feeling better.

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    • Hiya
      Thanks for the feedback… I thought you would like the boots! 😉
      I have been really worried about you. Glad to hear you are ready to start writing. I too have missed reading you. Really enjoy your contributions…
      I am much better thanks.
      Don’t be a stranger.


  4. I don’t like shopping at all! 🙂

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