Pulse shootings Orlando USA

I am so saddened by the killing of 50 innocent people.

I cannot understand the hatred that droves this behaviour.

That is all I can say…

So sad. So very, very sad.

Such an inadequate response, but all I can manage right now.

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  1. The response to this horror is remarkably muted, relative to the incidents that preceded it. Is this because the news splashes the word “Gay” in so many headlines, or are we truly becoming immune to the sickness rooted in our culture? Neither answer offers much in the way of encouragement.


  2. What is truly tragic is that we have been MANIPULATED again by those who seek power and domination. I refer of course to politicians and warlords. They are one in the same. This is just the beginning.


  3. Senseless killings – my heart is breaking – what happened to humanity?

    Thinking of you xx


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