Uneventful events

Right very sorry but again in the spirit of encouraging people to get out and about more I present yet another outing where nothing happened.

The weekend before last presented us with an opportunity for some fun as our daughters had been invited for a sleepover at their grandparents’ house. Fortuitously this coincided with a birthday party for a transgender friend of ours who was having her birthday at Trouble. We were keen to experience Trouble’s new venue as they had moved in February and we had not yet seen the new premises.

We dropped the kids off at their grandparents and then went home to get ready. We had decided to stop off for dinner at an Italian restaurant in Melville (a suburb near us famous for its student vibe), so we got going early.

I had decided that I would go for a more casual look than I usually adopt for Trouble parties as I did not want to stand out too much at the restaurant. The weather was mild but tending towards cold as we are now well into autumn, so I opted for my trusty denim mini, a pair of pantyhose (I seldom wear pantyhose), my black boots, a polar neck top and a cream leather jacket. A picture tells a thousand words so I think it best that I post one here.

Daniella doing the casual look

We have just got some new makeup in and it is heaven. Very light on the skin, providing good coverage without feeling ‘cakey’ or ‘heavy’. I really enjoyed wearing it and it was very kind on my skin. It was not cheap but sometimes it is worth paying a  little more and getting a better quality product.

A better look (hopefully) at the makeup and boots. Priorities!

Once we had done the obligatory photographs, we headed out and arrived at the restaurant without incident. Although it was early (around 6-30) as winter is approaching it was already dark when we arrived at the restaurant. We parked the car in the parking lot and walked towards the restaurant which was in a suburban house that had been converted into a restaurant. At the gate we were greeted by a waiter who said ‘good evening ladies’. That always makes me feel good. We were escorted to our table and we ordered some drinks.

I decided to have the lasagne (well it is getting winter) and my wife had a pizza. The food arrived and we ate a very good meal indeed. The manager and waiter came over to check on us. The service was excellent and we finished off the meal with some lovely desserts.

We then went to Trouble where I enjoyed catching up with quite a few friends who I had not seen for quite sometime. We were asked plenty of questions about Priscilla’s Services and there is clearly a lot of interest in our venture. I just hope we can live up to their expectations.

The evening at Trouble was most enjoyable as always. I met a few new people and made some face to face meetings of people I had only known online before. All too soon it was time to leave and we went home and climbed into our warm and toasty bed.

Once again absolutely nothing (bad) happened. We were both treated with respect and dignity with all the staff at the restaurant and at Trouble. Zero people with pitchforks and torches arrived to deal with the tranny and we had a very enjoyable time. In fact the only (marginally) uncomfortable experience I had was at Trouble where one of the other party guests (a ‘straight’ guy who was friends with one of the birthday girl’s friends) insisted on feeling my breasts. I am not sure what he was up to, whether he was trying to embarrass me or was just ‘merry’. I decided that rather than getting into any conflict with him I would just let him have his fun. I was not exactly happy but I was also not exactly insulted either. I realise I am a  bit of an oddity and people need to express their curiosity somehow. Unfortunately my wife was less sanguine than me and did not appreciate his attentions.

Anyway I think it just goes to show you are perfectly safe and can have a wonderful time out and about. Just be sensible and follow the normal precautions. Have fun ladies!


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  1. Veronica Beta May 18, 2016 — 5:00 pm

    Hi Dani! Hugs to You and the Charming Ms. D! Nice outfit. So very glad that you had a safe and happy outing. Men and boobs! 🙂 I am a “leg” person myself. Probably because my Baby has such awesome ones! Praying that you find a venue for your new business soon! It really is a great idea. As far as being safe when you go out? Transgender or not. Woman or Man. Fit or physically challenged, one should maintain good patrol discipline when out of the house and about. Check you corners. Vary your routes. Avoid dark places. All the standard stuff. Sigh. Remember back in the day when we were kids? They had these things called civility & citizenship? The World has changed. I know it must, but I think we need a TARDIS to take the Human race back to that golden age. Mid-Century! Since it’s my fairy tale, we get to take the medical & human rights advances we’ve made with us. It’s not like I am asking or a new Universe or something. Would be nice if the Creator would spot us a do-over now and then! I mean. come on, what does it expect! We see ourselves as evolved but the proof is right out in the open. Every day you can see examples of Humans throwing poop all over the place. We have to admit it. We’re still just angry monkeys! The politicians are the worst poo slingers of all! 🙂

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  2. Enjoyed reading about your trip. Always good when nothing (bad) happens!

    Felt really weird reading your preparations as you move into autumn. We’re struggling to find the spring here in the UK. Horrible to be reminded of the onset of winter, though it can have its charms.

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  3. What is it with some men. They think it is OK to sexually harass any woman they wish. Feeling your breasts!!. You should have told him where to go or gave him a knee where it hurts. Your wife was right. What a creep.

    Otherwiae great to read you had a grand evening out.

    So what was the new make up?

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