A long overdue Priscilla’s update

This was published on Priscilla’s Services but I thought you would all like to have a read as well.
As you all know we have been having considerable difficulties finding a suitable venue for Priscilla’s Services. We have also been very much aware that some people are desperate for our services and that we needed to make a start on our venture. We were also very nervous that if we bought a venue before we had signed up clients we could find ourselves in the situation where we had over estimated the size of the market and that we may therefore risk losing a lot of money (property is not cheap).
We have therefore made a few adjustments to our original business plan, but crucially, we retain the basic premise of offering:
secure, safe storage
a discreet and private environment
a place to dress
additional ‘ad hoc’ dressing related services
To this end we have decided to store our clients clothing on our property. We have a secure site on our property which has space for lockers and a wardrobe. If space runs short we also have some storage in our house. Once we exceed this additional storage capacity, we will either purchase a property for Priscilla’s Services (if we have sufficient clients), or we will rent off site storage until such time as we can justify purchasing our exclusive use venue. This approach reduces our risk, speeds up our time to market and brings some cost savings, which means we can reduce the costs to our clients.
The plan is that we will store all your clothing, wigs, accessories etc for you. When you want to dress we can either simply bring it to you or we can book a venue for you (we have a range of venues that will offer varying pricing and a scale of ‘luxury’). Depending on your need for privacy, we can offer a range of services in this regard that will preserve your anonymity. At the most private we would do the booking in our name, arrive at the guest house and check in with your clothes, wigs, shoes etc. We would lay it out and make sure all is ready for you. We would then meet you off site where you could leave your car. We would then accompany you to the guest house and see you to the room ensuring you never need ‘bump’ into anybody. Your anonymity is preserved and there is no paper trail to you. Your car would be in a very public place and nobody need know anything. We would then either leave you to do whatever you wanted, meeting you later to take you back to your car and then we would check out, or we would assist you with our dressing services (makeup, accompanied outings etc). The dressing services, booking of rooms etc would all be additional costs and would be done on an ad hoc basis depending on what is required by you.
We want to be as flexible as possible and meet our clients’ individual needs. This will of course all get a lot easier when we have our own venue but for now we need to start somewhere, start providing services to those that need them and start helping those that need our assistance.
Please also note that we have started building our collection of rental stock. We have wigs, shoes and dresses for hire and are always building our collection so please get in touch so we can assist you. Please note that for hygiene reasons all wigs are washed after every use and we do not hire out lingerie. All underwear (including gaffes, bras, corsets, garter belts, hosiery etc) will need to be purchased by you. We are happy to assist you in this regard with our personal shopping services.
We are looking forward to hearing from all of you. Please let us know what you need and we will do our very best to assist you as soon as we possibly can.


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  1. Veronica Beta May 18, 2016 — 2:18 am

    I wonder if you ever considered using large delivery type vans instead of property? Just a thought.

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