Life: It gets in the way

After a wonderful night out at the Dignity Dreams Third Birthday Bash we thought we would tempt fate and arrange two Saturday nights out in succession. It all seemed eminently doable. Our eldest daughter was at a camp and we arranged for the youngest to sleep over at her grandparents. All was set and we were ready to rock and roll. We thought.

Unfortunately life has a habit of intervening. The youngest decided this week was a good week to get sick and after delaying the course of antibiotics prescribed by the doctor we finally relented and started giving them to her on Friday. She rallied magnificently and thought we would be ‘on’ for Saturday night.

We had planned to go and do some shopping for makeup together on Saturday (I just feel more comfortable getting ‘in’ to the whole makeup counter experience when en femme) followed by lunch, some more shopping and then a night out. My wife had to work o Saturday morning. She left for work whilst I was still in the shower and my plan was to finish up the ‘below the neck’ hair removal dress en homme, take the daughter to the grandparents and then return home to finish up just in time for my wife to return home. Alas, as I finished up and went to find my daughter I found her fast asleep on her bed. I waited and waited but she was in no mood to wake up.

She finally woke up when ,y wife came home so we took her to her grandparents together. They offered us lunch which we could hardly refuse. We decided that it was now too late to get dressed en femme for the shopping trip (the shops would be closing soon) so we went shopping as we were. It was still fun, juts perhaps not as much fun! We then returned home and started making plans. We decided to cancel our original plans and go to Amuse instead. Just as I was about to get ready I started feeling unwell. Very strange. I also was concerned that our daughter may need us and I didn’t think it was fair to leave her with her grandparents, especially if she was still slightly unwell, so we again changed our plans I offered to make some pizza for my wife (we love pizza) whilst she ran a quick errand.

By now it was late so I did not do makeup, which was a bit of a win as I really did not feel like putting on makeup, it was just too hot and it felt like a schlep. Staying home meant I could cut a corner or two. So I dressed in my denim mini, Elsa top (purchased in Disneyland Paris, because Disneyland)  and white platforms. I felt good. I felt even better cooking for my wife.

We sat down and started eating. We were halfway trough when the phone rang. The little one needed to come home! She wasn’t ill but she was not prepared to stay at her grandparents any longer (we did not know this at the time). We bolted down the rest of the food, I did the fastest change ever, replaced all the paraphernalia and was very relieved that I did not have any makeup on, before charging up the road to fetch the daughter.

She was very happy to see us and insisted we should sit down and watch tv with her. We were not impressed. It was past her bedtime already. The little chancer! Anyway we took her home and she seemed fine. Suffice to say she managed to scupper our plans rather badly, but we did have some nice time together and staying home cooking for my wife was a lot of fun!



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  1. Hope the little chancer is better now and you get to do the makeup trip soon!

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  2. I know exactly where your coming from Miss Dani. But my youngest is 32 now and hey, I still think of them a couple of hundred times a day! Thing about the little ones, their so very good at spreading the cooties and so very quick to get over them! 🙂 Glad it wasn’t serious and cooking for the charming Miss D and having a night in seems to have calmed the tempest. have an awesome week Dani

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