A Girl and Her Bling

I was walking through the mall the other day and I saw this advertising banner in a costume jewelry store.


I can only concur. A girl can never have too much bling!

I strongly suspect that many transwomen and cis-gender women feel exactly the same about this. But I am sure there are some who do not. I wonder why that is. Personally I love jewelry. I think it is fun to buy, fun to wear and that it can really bring an outfit together. I suppose some women are less fussed by their appearance. (Edit: What I am trying to say but have clearly not managed to do so, is that some women prefer a less ‘fussy’ look. That is tom say a ‘simpler’ or ‘cleaner’ look. Jewelry is a ‘complication’ that some women I suspect could do without as it can and does, catch in your hair, on your clothes etc. I am not suggesting that someone who does not wear jewelry is taking less care of themselves or cares less about how they look, just that they prefer a different look. I can see how my original expression was ambiguous at best and down right wrong at worst. I apologise for the poor expression.)

I like to buy costume jewelry as it is cheerfully cheap and I feel I can experiment with different styles and looks (chunky vs elegant etc). Also as I get to wear it relatively infrequently I would feel bad spending a lot of cash on it. Also I feel that if it were to get stolen or lost, it would be less of a problem. There are of course others who would prefer a smaller variety of high quality pieces.

What do you think? Please let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Hi This is Donnadogood from Twitter and I have no jewelry at all.I am very much closeted and love alone. I look at your photos and my mind runs to I can be as attractive as Daniella or close. It feels good looking attractive. I think costume jewelry is fun and brings our creativity out. Some folks need expensive jewelry, designer clothing and expensive cars. Fortunately I am happy leading a simple life.
    I am happy to have discovered your blog. I find you super attractive.
    PS I am on Flickr too

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    • Thanks for reaching out and thanks for the super kind words. Just always remember that I of course only choose the best photos so… 🙂


      • Sure you pick the best but I bet they are all fine. I do think we should be more interested in our feminine nature. Stop obsessing on triviality and let’s be open to the spirit of trans people in all phases of becoming. I do not want to be that backbiting female neighbor who judges all but herself. Yes she might be a fashion statement but underneath a shallow person. Girls like us have the courage to change and be our own persons.
        Daniella just continue being you.

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  2. Well I’ve been looking into a few pieces of more expensive jewelry. Mostly for the wedding band set. Maybe a necklace. But most of my stuff is costume jewelry or hand me downs. As you mentioned, when you don’t get to wear it often enough to warrant the price, it’s tough to spend the money. Though one or two things wouldn’t be so bad.

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  3. “I suppose some women are less fussed by their appearance.”

    Well if we thought the same way you do then yes that would be the right conclusion. I find it offensive that you would think I am less fussed about my appearance because my tastes are not the same as yours. I am very fussed about my appearance and will appear in what I think works for me. For me, I have tried jewellery and it doesn’t work for me so I don’t buy it, let alone wear it. It simple as that. A difference in our thinking in what works for our appearance.


  4. I must confess I have only just in the last year started experimenting with necklaces etc. Jewellery can definitely transform an outfit 😄

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  5. I completely understand what you meant by ‘less fussed’ because that is me! Hehe I get annoyed when jewellery catches on my clothes and hair etc so personally I prefer to wear classic bling. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend bebe! Love your work xx

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