Feeling Dysphoric

As some of you may know I recently had the dubious honour of visiting my local hospital. Thanks to my amazing wife’s considerable efforts at wound dressing and overall care I am currently recovering well. Sadly the convalescence means that I have been unable to follow my usual beauty regime and I find myself once again bearing a remarkable resemblance to an orangutan. This has brought about strong feelings of dysphoria (body hair is probably the only thing that induces this in me). I am feeling very un-feminine right now. Can’t wait until I get a chance to remove it all again. Hopefully this will be sooner rather than later.


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  1. Could all that hair removal not have been the cause of your troubles? You know like an ingrown hair going nasty. I only shave halfway up my upper legs because I’ve found the higher north you go the more those pesky’s fight back and that’s a lot worse than coping with some excess hair. But then, you like wearing much shorter skirts than this old bag!!!

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  2. I am sure the charming Nurse D is taking very good care of her baby! My sweetie used to get the same thing on occasion. But only when we lived on Guam. We lived there twice for a total of six years. It’s the only place we’ve ever experienced it. She has substantial training as a medic and for her, all the slicing and dicing was FUN. Go figure. I can deal with Debridement and Irrigation of a wound is something I can deal with, I just can’t do it without having to control my horking reflex. And then I need a wee dram! 😉 And THEN I’m OK. Sorry to hear that your feeling a little woolly. Sigh. I am the same way. When I reach for a razor, there is always that curse. Damn you Chromosomes! Damn you all to Hell! Missed it by that much! 😉

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  3. I can appreciate just how you feel. Body hair has the same effect on me. In fact its removal has becone a bit of an obsession. I cannot be having it. Here is hoping it shall not be too long before you can get rid of it.


  4. Orangutan, ape, monkey, gibbon or as I tend to describe myself – as I do at the moment and in such situations – a Yeti. I’ve gone about as long as I’ve ever gone in between full body waxing sessions this time around but will soon be smooth as a proverbial baby’s bum once more although, as my blog will suggest, crossdressing is becoming a thing of the past because – well, just because. In any case, it’s cooler, it’s fresher, it’s cleaner, it’s more comfortable and it’s how I want and prefer to be anyway. I share your pain about the dislike of being hirsute though.

    Thoughts with you – hang on in there. I’ve been about three months now – it’s usually 6-8 weeks, so the Yeti is definitely back in the room. Take care and get well soon!

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    • Thanks Gerrylynn. I am feeling better now and I have even managed to remove some of the fur since writing this. feeling my old self again!

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      • You are most welcome.

        I too have recently had a virtually full body wax again with only arms and bits still to be done in another session soon. So, so so much better. Oddly though, my thoughts did turn to lingerie crossdressing again (which I’ve blogged about before) but I also observed how much better I look with far less and no hair.

        Feeling one’s old self works wonders for the soul. Hang on in there!

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