The Ongoing Toilet Debate

Seriously, what is it with American legislators’ obsession with toilets and who gets to use them? In recent weeks there has been ever more debates raised about toilet use in America. The latest iteration of this is an attempt by Virginia legislators to require school age children to be subjected to ‘genital checks’ to ensure that they use the ‘correct’ public toilet. This is simply crazy. What possible harm can come from transgender people using a public toilet? The data would suggest that the answer is zero. That transgender people are far more at risk from cis-gender people than vice versa.

I am also unable to see what possible harm can come from a person sitting in a cubicle next to you. If the mere presence of a person with genitals other than yours (whether a transgender person or not) is such a big deal then lawmakers should seek to segregate all schools based on biological sex. This would be an interesting development as it would revive the whole separate but equal debate that has already been won. Maybe such radical measures are required to get people to see sense?

Why does this matter? Well we all deserve to be able to make use of public facilities safely. Also, given the cultural and political sway of the USA, where America leads the rest of the western world tends to follow and if we allow bigotry and prejudice to win in the USA it may win elsewhere too. Let’s hope that this madness comes to an end sooner rather than later and that we can all move on.


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  1. It’s like the Salem witch hunt. Some folks feel boys will prey on the girls. And they don’t want that to happen. But never is it mentioned that a girl would prey on a boy. Yet it happens. Some perv may use a female restroom. Omg that’s a shame. Honestly it’s really about being scared. And the fight isn’t trans men in the men’s it’s trans women in the woman’s. At least from what I see on the news here. Fear stems much hatred, look at history.

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  2. Besides it’s a toilet. Most of us aren’t trying to perv anyone. Just want to do our business and leave.

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  3. I’m struggling to find a single example of where some perv has actually pretended to be trans in order to gain access to a women’s toilet. These are entirely imaginary worries, and ignore the very real risk that a trans woman could be at in a men’s toilet.
    I don’t necessarily agree that where America leads the world follows. I think the US has lagged behind a lot of the world in trans rights for a long time

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  4. I wonder the same thing about obsessions myself, not just in America. But that is just my obsession,

    Anyway one thing I wanted to point out is that according to the article it is not the proposed law that would require children to be subject to ‘genital checks’ by adults. That was a trans activist who said that about how the law might be enforced. Which to me just seem like a lame attempt to stir up transgenders about the law. Which to me just cheapens the argument against the law.

    I think the best thing said in the article was at the end. How would the court would verify that the accused violated the law?

    But like Kandia said I think its just fear that causes knee-jerk reactions like this law. That is what needs to be addressed in my opinion. I think that is something that is going to take a lot of time because that fear runs deep in society.


  5. Can’t say much more than that I agree fully with your points.

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  6. If I can be honest with you for a moment, I will say I can see both sides of the issue. Being the mom of a pre teen girl and a teenage boy, I do understand where the fear comes from. I think of the locker room at school, its a difficult situation to think about a person who has opposite genitals changing in the same room as your child regardless of what gender they identify with. And yes, I know there’s post op, and that’s another issue of the debate that I don’t intend to get into. While there fear may be unfounded, it no doubt exist in the minds of many. Fear of the unknown. For myself, I suppose this fear comes from an experience we had with my son being put in a bad situation in a public restroom. I can see the other side too, especially if it’s just a restroom. I have no issues using the same restroom as a trans person. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly and equally. I hope I didn’t offend you. You know I love you for who you are. Just wanted to be honest in saying I understand the fear whether it be wrong to feel that way or not.


    • Thanks for engaging. As the parent of 2 young children I also fear for their safety and we therefore always escort them to the toilets, wait outside for them etc. The issue is with bad people who want to do harm, not a group if people who are just living their lives. The fear that someone will try to pass as another gender to gain access to kids makes little sense. Firstly this is not something easily accomplished, secondly kids spot you as trans WAY before any adult does. They see through us straight away and are suspicious. Finally the fear is founded on ignorance. There are way more cisgender child abusers than transgender child abusers. As I say I too fear for my children but I take steps to keep them safe that does not involve limiting other people’s rights…

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      • I don’t think that someone would try to pass as another gender to gain access to kids. I should have been more clear, it’s just a general fear of the whole situation. Not even that I think physically anything would happen, just the unknown of the experience really. I don’t think that a trans person is any more likely to violate one of my kids than any other person, more so really that I don’t want my kids to feel uncomfortable anymore than I would want than other person to feel uncomfortable. I think that notion that a person would try to pass themselves off as another gender to gain access is just silly.

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