Seize the Day; Every Day

So as the regular readers of this blog will know I recently had quite a bit of  spare time to myself to dress and do as I wished as my children were out of the house for just over a week. (I feel my transgender issues are too complicated and potentially risky for my children to deal with so we keep it a private matter).

As it turned out I was able to take advantage over the first weekend and managed an outing and to host a lunch. It was a lot of fun. I had planned on some post work Daniella time during the work week but I was a bit tired after work and said to myself ‘not to worry, there will always be tomorrow and/or the weekend to have fun.’ I said this on Monday, on Tuesday on Wednesday and on Thursday. On Friday I planned on going to dinner but at work I started feeling quite fatigued so I decided to have a good rest on Friday night and have a really big and fun day on Saturday and attend a party on Saturday night.

I woke up at 1-30 am on Friday feeling horrible. I had a fever, chills, muscular and joint pains, nausea; the works. I got to a doctor on Saturday and he ordered medication and rest, with strict instructions to return if I wasn’t better on Monday. needless to say I did not improve and found myself in hospital for a few days.

I am on the mend now but by being a bit lazy and tired on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I missed out on four days of self expression time. This should be a lesson to all of us to always take the opportunities that present themselves. Tomorrow may be better, it may be worse, it may not even come. Make sure you live each day to the fullest. You owe it to yourself.

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  1. Well that stinks that you wound up sick. Hope you get better quickly

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  2. I am mending well thanks. Hope to be back in the saddle by Monday.


  3. Hope you feel better soon. 😦 xxx I have had a lousy couple of days, and back to work tomorrow… Caught a cold off my electrologist, as if having my face repeatedly needled was not punishment enough. 😉


  4. Sounds quite serious Daniella. Glad you are getting better. There will be other opportunities to be out fem. Look after yourself first 😉

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  5. Hope you recover soon. Do jot beat yourself up over the missed opportunity and rest assured there shall be plenty more.

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  6. Hope you feel better now! X

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