An Eventful Lunch

I have been fortunate enough to have had plenty of time available in which to express my feminine side lately. On Sunday I invited two good friends of mine for lunch as I wanted to discuss some business ideas with them and I wanted to wish them happy new year. One friend is a drag queen and the other is a doyen (I hope she doesn’t mind being called a doyen) of the local trans community.

It has been very hot so I decided to go for a relatively simple meal of rump steak, salad and an olive ciabatta loaf,  followed by ice cream and homemade chocolate sauce. Before starting to cook I had to get ready to receive my guests. I was fairly sure they would be coming en homme, but as I had the opportunity I decided to be en femme. I chose one of my new flared skirts, my black butterfly motif top and my white platform sandals. As it was so hot I did put on make up but cut back on it by skipping the beard cover. I think the look worked rather well…

We had a very pleasurable chat and I think we all enjoyed our meal. I am not sure how hungry every one was because the heat certainly curtailed my appetite.

Unfortunately our dog has developed a love affair with our neighbour. He takes every opportunity to escape our property and go and visit her. She seems to not mind and perhaps enjoys the company. I did not want to have any complications with the dog so I made sure he was securely locked up in our back yard. Due to the heat I had opened all the doors and windows in the house in an effort to get some fresh and cool air circulating. The dog seized his opportunity, sprung the pet door and made a run for the next door neighbour. I saw him going but decided that chasing after him would create more problems and expose me to more risk, so I let him be.

When my guests decided it was time to leave I saw them out and was in the process of saying my goodbyes when I heard the next door neighbour calling to me! She wanted to bring the dog back. This would have been awkward to say the least. What to do?I made a split second decision and ran into the house madly pulling off clothes as I went.

I was in the process of scrubbing off my makeup when I received a phone call. My neighbour had stopped my guests on the way out. The very cleverly covered for me saying I was not there. Exactly who my neighbour thought she had heard is a mystery to me! Anyway their quick thinking bought me some time and I was able to make myself look presentable before I went to recover my pet. It seems the dog is conspiring to have me outed!


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  1. That sounds like an eventful lunch indeed, and a very tasty one! You looked fab by the way, loved the skirt in particular x

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  2. Roll the dice Dani. It is going to happen, if it already hasn’t. Sometimes, just sometimes, I think that “bands of sanity” pass across the face of the Human experience. Even if we wish to experience them or not. It’s always a pleasant surprise when we get to know someone who we once thought was cold and aloof to be a very social and enjoyable person to spend time with. When that fateful confrontation with your neighbor occurs I would like to see your reaction after you say “Yes. This IS me”. Your neighbor seemingly preoccupied with retrieving some other thought just replying “Yes, charming. I’ve known for quite some time”. You’ll just have to find that little adrenaline pop somewhere else Dear. I completely understand the adrenaline thing. But I wouldn’t worry about your dog. They like to play the same games we play. Play is the sign of a HEALTHY mind. 🙂

    These little sojourns you allow me into your life are very instructive to me. Introspection at this point of my life is important. I want to remember ALL the things about this epoch of my experience that are positive. I want to learn from the negative and then deep six that. probably good to keep really good tabs on the way points of my life now. A very powerful factor has brought me to were I am today : Happiness. It’s not like I speak with more cheer, or walk with more bounce (actually I do, have been practicing! 😉 ) or am just whack chipper. In this context Happiness is a life with a normal back ground “emotional” groove. The tribulations of everyday life don’t hunker down on a branch like Ravens over my head a cawing out “We’re doomed. Dooooooooooooomed!”. Instead, it’s beautiful little swifts cavorting and flying acrobatics over my head singing out in that chipper trill “We’re doomed. Doooooooooooomed!”. Perspective makes a big difference. I fully appreciate that I am going to have people who want to get in my grill. I have a LOT of experience with bullying. On Planet PTSD, who doesn’t?

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