Myths Relating to Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminism

I saw this blog post by Translucidity and I felt compelled to share it with you all.

It has been well researched, well thought out, well constructed and eloquently argued.

It is well worth a read.

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  1. People are amazing. Alas, amazing can cover a lot of ground. I can completely understand why people act like they grew up in a vacuum. Or maybe my perspective is different? What we seek to accomplish is to get Humans to treat other Humans humanely and hopefully by doing so render a better World. Why doesn’t it ever seem to work that way? Why, why, why! What is with this Good versus Evil death dance that the Human animal just can not seem to resist? I keep forgetting. Destruction must precede creation. Hopefully we’ll develop an anti-body against this “hate virus” that seems to thrive in the bellies of people who just can’t mind they’re own business. And that is really all it is. The Anita Bryant’s just keep coming. They just can’t help themselves. They will always be there. they have no faith.

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