Paris terror attacks

My thoughts are with the people of Paris tonight.

We stayed in the 11th Arrondissement when we were in Paris in June and tonight’s attacks have left me feeling deeply saddened. 

When will we learn to replace hate with love? Why is it easier to hate than to love?

That is all for now.

A shocked and saddened Daniella.

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  1. Cal is so shaken. Been trying to get in touch with his family all evening. They are probably all right, but the uncertainty is maddening.

    France is the country of my second family, the country where we married, and holds such a place in my heart. It will be hard for me to find any will at all to forgive these attackers, but I must try. As you observe, it is easy to hate, but it only takes us round in circles…

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  2. I have a friend in the USA who was at an Eagles Of Death Metal gig just 2 or 3 weeks ago in California. It was people just like her at their show in the Bataclan, which really makes it feel even more scary.


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