Semi-Closeted TGirl Problems 2

Last week I wrote this piece about some of the lighter moments that result when a trans person who is only partially ‘out’. Today I regale you with part 2.

  1. When you post on your ‘boy’ social media account making a cryptic reference to a comment your wife made on your ‘girl’ account and you hope and pray nobody asks for more details. And then your wife is the one asking for more details.
  2. When family and fiends look quizzically at you because you are so knowledgeable about where to get the best deal on false nails and how best to apply them.
  3. You have no compulsion comparing the ingredients on the ‘shaving balm for men’ and the ‘bikini cream’ for woman and realise they are exactly the same stuff. In fairness they were priced the same.
  4. Your wife’s work colleagues are scandalised when they see male school leavers wearing the female school  leavers school uniform on their last day of school (as a prank) and she goes ‘yes, so what?’ when they tell her all about it.
  5. Being in the sun is extremely problematic: you need to avoid the dreaded t-shirt or farmers’ tan, shorts are always the wrong length and your footwear results in bad tan lines too. Sometimes you just have to tan nude! (Note I do not advocate tanning for long hours skin cancer is a real thing. Take care!)

Hope you enjoyed that…

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  1. With regard to no 1, I keep my Kirsty Facebook account well clear of all Bob’s Facebook friends, including Mrs K. I’m too concerned that other friends will get a notification saying “Mrs K and Kirsty are now friends”, or even worse Kirsty appears as “people you might know” in Mrs K’s friends FB feeds. In fact FB on smartphones senses people who are near you on a regular basis, so if I logged on to Kirsty Facebook while at home there’s a fair chance that I could become a friend suggestion for my daughter.
    As for no 5, I live in Northern Ireland. Getting a suntan is not going to be a problem 😀☔️

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