The eternal toilet debate revisited again

No, this is not a discussion of the ongoing issues trans people face when in need of a public convenience. If you want my views on that you can read them here and here. Rather, this an exploration of the great and eternal conflict in western civilisation. The toilet seat!

It seems that many women take very serious issue with the fact that some (many?) men leave the toilet seat up after they have had a wee. This means that when she stumbles into the bathroom in the middle of the night and sits down to wee, she falls into the toilet. An uncomfortable experience to say the least…

Fair enough. But surely this cuts both ways? I mean what about the man who needs a wee in the middle of the night stumbles into the bathroom, stands in front of the toilet, points Percy at the porcelain and releases his bladder, only to experience severe and serious back-splash as his stream makes contact with the toilet seat. Now he has to stop mid-stream, lift the seat, finish and then  clean up a rather wet and grim bathroom floor. Can you imagine the mess if the seat and lid had been put down?

As a trans person I truly can see both sides of this debate. Sometimes I sit and sometimes I stand to wee, so on balance I sit more than I stand. Sometimes I sit down and find the seat has been left up. As I live in a household where all other inhabitants have vaginas the culprit can only be me, so I don’t get too upset, but it is uncomfortable. On the other hand I have also not noticed a toilet seat that is down and have made a bit of a mess as a result.

Surely having wee all over the bathroom is worse than sitting down on a seat-less toilet? Is there a compromise or even better a win-win solution? Or are we doomed to wage battle forever?

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  1. Personally, in the middle of the night I sit to pee. No need to turn on lights and lift the seat, waking your SO for a trip to relieve your bladder. I tend to sit during the day as well. Unless it’s a public Walmart restroom. Then it’s hurry and get out quick

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