Iced coffee: mission possible

Last week I went on something of a rant about how hard it is to find a good iced coffee. In that rant I promised to let you know how my first attempt at iced coffee went. I know you have all literally been on the edge of your seats waiting with anticipa…tion to find out what happened.

On Friday night I pulled out my extra-large plunger coffee pot and coffee grinder. I ground the beans to a rougher than usual grind and used about twice as much coffee as I would normally for a pot of coffee. I then filled the pot with cold water and stirred to ensure the coffee and water were properly combined. I then placed the lid on the pot but did not plunge and placed the pot in the fridge.

The following morning I plunged the plunger and strained the coffee into a jug. I returned the jug to the fridge and I served the coffee later that day.  The coffee was served in whiskey tumblers over ice cubes (not crushed ice).

Iced coffee done right.
Iced coffee done right.

We found that the brew was a bit too strong and required more sugar than usual to counter the bitterness. Although some guests enjoyed it neat. The ice cubes melted slowly enough to keep the coffee cold without diluting the flavour too much. Overall a successful enough first attempt. I think I will reduce the amount of coffee in future (maybe 1.5 to 1.7 times as much as for a hot cup). This should reduce the bitterness without compromising flavour. I think I would also grind it slightly finer.

My daughter drank the coffee with cold milk and sugar

This is just plain wrong!
This is just plain wrong!

and she found that quite satisfactory so it is an adaptable recipe it seems.

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  1. Looks great! What’s your opinion on using pre-ground beans in this way? (I know, pre-ground is a bit evil, but I’m poor, thus without the means of grinding beans myself. What I do have is endless access to that fine bean powder you can buy for the ‘moka’ Italian coffee makers)


    • I don’t think there will be much of a problem using pre ground beans… Some flavour/aroma loss but not too big a deal. The main thing is to get the right grind, not too fine and not too coarse because you don’t want too much bitterness. The main thing is to experiment and have fun!

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  2. I like my coffee hot and black so I can’t sympathize with your rant for the iced version. However I do appreciate your use of “anticipa…tion”. The Dr. would be proud!


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