Should trans form part of the lesbian, gay and bisexual movement

I saw this very interesting article today. I am not sure I agree entirely with the author, but it is a very cogently argued piece. There most certainly is a very big difference between gender and sexuality. These two issues are conflated in almost everyone’s minds. Perhaps having an LGBT alliance perpetuates this, perhaps not.

One thing is for sure the trans community is discriminated against in similar ways to the lesbian, gay and bisexual communities. We need to be active in campaigning for rights. I also wonder whether we would be more or less effective working with associated groups or on our own.

I am happy to operate under a broader flag, I support the LGB community as much as I support the trans community. But then again, where do you draw the line? Why not bring all discriminated communities together? Clearly that is unworkable. Then again in places like South Africa perhaps we need to make use of alliances to gain visibility? Or maybe we would have more acceptance without the alliance? This certainly bears some thinking about…

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  1. If local experiences of having our cause lumped in with the LGB community is anything to go by, I have to say no to the association. Funding is being made available for trans* issues so by clever marketing by simply adding a T to LGB, the trans* community here are being denied full funding and offered crumbs. There is also the matter of the clear difference between gender and sexual orientation issues. By adding a T to LGB it is very understandable that in the eyes of the general population we are one of the same. So should we strive for independance? Yes, BUT, we also have a hell of a lot to learn from the LGB community on how to campaign, how to make the public aware, how to achieve acceptance. I would say there needs to be understanding and co operation between LGB and Trans* but that linked to that we are a seperate entity. Both need to support each other. Maybe that is like having your cake and eating it.

    A very interesting question posed.

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  2. Solids, liquids, gases, plasma. SLGP! Of all these states, plasma is the rarest. It would be the equivalent of the “T” in LGBT. Across the spectrum of SLGP/LGBT inside each “state” there are myriad examples of “different” types of each. Science instructs us that nature is ga-ga for diversity. It could be said, it is a Universal constant. If you didn’t know it, I am a little ga-ga about science and the Universe myself. I am blessed to live in such a fabulous place. These two groups also share one more likeness. SLGP are all states of matter. LGBT are all states of Human. The only place they diverge? Matter doesn’t need “rights”. Humans will cease to exist without them. To me, the issue is very simple. I am most definitely a “T” AND “Pan” also. Yes, I am a wee bit on the “rare” side. Want more? I have an AWESOME wife (Oh my stars, I said wife, Sorry folks. I know to some, the word “wife is a BAD word. My wife is double evil. Want to know why? She says I am the most awesome “housewife”! 🙂 Sometimes when she says that I get a little misty. For me, it is a STELLAR compliment) We have been together for 40 years. We are soul mates. Our marriage is solid, “like dolomite baby, the tough dark mineral that won’t cop out when there is heat all about” – famous quote by Professor Hubert J Farnsworth! 🙂 This is a Human rights question. Not women’s rights. Not men’s rights. It can all be settled by DNA. If it’s Human it gets the same rights. I want my Star Trek Universe! Very soon, in the USA, a transgender persons will be able to raise they’re right hand, take an oath, and pledge they’re lives to preserve the lives of those who can not stand for themselves. And if that transgender citizen ever finds themselves alone in a fox hole needing someone to watch they’re back? Give me a shout. I’ll be there. It would be an honor. Human rights. Until that’s understood and accepted, by all Humans, we are doomed to keep failing. No worries. Our capacity to keep trying unto our final breath is also a common Human characteristic. You might even say, we have the right! 🙂 Also, a note to Ms. Michellen1960. Mid-century fashion? You rock. Mid-century IS fashion! 🙂

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  3. I have often wondered about this. The G, L and B are about sexual preference and attraction. The T is about identity. It almost feels like we were assigned to the group because the world didn’t know how else to deal with us. I think we have benefited to a degree by riding along with the group, but we have also limited ourselves as well as given the world some incorrect assumptions by not have our own distinct voice.

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