Statistical Analysis

I was looking at the statistics for my blog for the month of August and the big news is that Saudi Arabia provided the 15th most views to my blog. This is interesting because Saudi Arabia accounts for 0.45% of the world’s population and is the world’s 43rd most populace country. I would therefore expect it to provide some views to my site but I would not expect them to be in the top 15, the top 50 yes, but not so close to the top.

Additionally the last time I checked the Saudi regime (I can’t really bring myself to call it a government as that implies some sense of morality and legality) were not exactly keen on the LGBTIQ community in general and non-conforming genders in particular. A position seemingly endorsed by a large percentage of the society, but then I am no expert.

I can therefore only conclude that these views are coming from people who have been looking at what I have to say about ‘parenting’, ‘travel’, ‘lunch’, ‘dinner’, ‘marriage’ and ‘travel’. I am sure they are not being attracted by my ‘crossdressing’, ‘tranny’ or ‘transexual’ tags.

Disclaimer: I have no issue with genuinely interested trans* people visiting my blog, no matter where they may reside and of course I do not wish to lump everyone from Saudi Arabia in the same group. I am sure there are genuinely trans* people in Saudi Arabia and they may even be the people visiting my blog, but I suspect that this may not always be the case. It seems (from my and others’ experiences on social media) that these very oppressed (repressed?) societies have a greater than average concentration of ‘admirers’ and that these admirers are often more than usually misogynistic and objectify us more than most as well. If I am wrong I would be happy to hear from my Saudi Arabian readers.

Disclaimer 2: This is in the humour category because I was amused by this. I trust you will all take it in the spirit it was meant.


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  1. You must be exotic as hell to those repressed Saudis–maybe you could make some cash with a pay site?

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  2. Like so very many of my friends and allies around the World. The first thing that popped into my mind? Dudes be running some serious Netbots! I tend to also contemplate what the network infrastructure would look like in a society oozing with cash were spending it is part of the power. Yeah, doesn’t really surprise me, surprisingly, on so many levels. I wonder how much of that traffic is coming from “foreign nationals” working and living abroad in that region. Specifically the host of UN and government agencies and allied and other military assets, which these days translates to LOTS and LOTS of contractor and politically motivated logistics. There must be something said for this part of the World. The people that call it “home” still retain the inherent asset of extracting the maximum from the environment that they evolved in. I find no surprise at all that the internet nodes for the “Arab” World glow like reactors on anyone’s traffic map. Also, there is that whole “location, LOcation, LOCATION!” rant. There was and it is not improbable, there there could be a time when this WAS the cross roads of the planet. In my life time, it has NEVER not been a massive influence on my every day life.

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