Thoughts on presenting as a woman and feminism

I stumbled across this blog post today.

I was so happy to read it as it was able to eloquently summarise much of what I have felt about presenting as a woman and the implications for my feminism. Some trans exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs) argue that the (male to female in particular) transgender community somehow entrench patriarchy because we present ourselves in a form that is sexualised and that entrenches patriarchal views of women and femininity.

I have never agreed with this but felt it difficult to articulate my position. The Thinking Individual has done so for me and I would like to thank and salute her for this. Whilst I am not and have no plans to transition her views mirror almost exactly how I feel about my presentation when I present as a woman. I am not doing it because that is how I think woman should look, quite the contrary I think women should dress anyway they choose to dress, but because it is the way I feel I should look.

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  1. This is one of those touchy subjects for me. Always feel like I should go on the attack when I hear things like the TERF is saying. I am like you, I don’t dress because that is how I think a woman should look. I dress and present myself the way I do because it pleases me.

    I realized also the TERF can think whatever they want. Just another group of the population who have no clue because they are too busy trying to fit us into their point of view. No different than society thinking I should act masculine because I look male. Their opinion doesn’t bother me, just keep doing things in accordance with one opinion that matters to me and that is myself. Just keep being that way and being around people that see me as the person inside not my presentation. Everyone else can please themselves 😛

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