Epilator update

So as promised in my epilator review, here is an update on how things are going.

I have been sticking to my regime of epilating my legs every day or two for a week and a half now. I do this after a hot shower or bath and I have been moisturising after each epilation as well. My legs are silky smooth and feel really good. My wife is slightly envious of how smooth they are. The daily epilation keeps hair growth to a minimum and this means that my legs are almost always hair free and I am no longer feeling pain.

I still have some discomfort around my knee and the backs of my thighs seem to be more sensitive than elsewhere, but I wouldn’t describe the sensations as painful. I have been able to move ever further up my legs and I am no epilating along the bikini line without trouble.

I am experiencing some ingrown hairs/rash but this is diminishing steadily. To combat the ingrown hairs I exfoliate with a loofah every second day or so and I pour an antibacterial product (Dettol or Savlon if you have them where you live) in my bath and occasionally follow up with an antibacterial cream (once in the last week or so). This is helping and the ingrown hairs and rash is pretty much confined to the softer parts of my upper legs, where I would get this with shaving anyway.

I have not had the courage to epilate my torso again, but I have started using the razor attachment that came with my epilator for this purpose. It is really very good. It gives a fine and close shave but I am getting less rash and ingrown hairs than I usually get in this area with a conventional (5 bladed) razor. I am thus able to shave my torso whenever I epilate. It is quicker than wet shaving and is more comfortable. For the bikini area and underarms I am sticking with my 5 bladed razor, it just seems to be better for those areas for the time being.

In summary, I am very happy with my purchase. It gives you a very good result, is relatively fast and is no longer painful at all. I think I will also be saving some money on razor blades and shaving cream. I can heartily reccomend the Braun Silk-epil 5 epilator. It is great for trans people (crossdressers, transgender etc) as well as genetic women looking for an ultra smooth result.

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