Being a Disneyland performer: the ideal career?

I have been on a rather long European holiday so sorry for the extended silence. Whilst on holiday we took the children to Disneyland Paris (parenting win, we are now ‘like the favouritist parents EVER’). At Disneyland we saw the parade and I suddenly realised that being a Disney princess would be the ideal career for some of my trans* friends (But by no means all).

You get to dress up in the most amazing dresses. You ride on a float dancing and waving, or if you are lucky riding a carousel or swinging on a swing. You are the centre of attention and everyone loves you!

I mean it is perfect, isn’t it?

Here are some snaps I took illustrating my point. Apologies for the poor quality, it is a bit of a pushing match and hard to get a decent shot with my less than ideal camera.

The parade starts with some fairies
The parade starts with some fairies
Princess and fairy godmother
Princess and fairy godmother





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  1. Would I like to be:
    Cinderella? – YES; Snow White? – YES; Wicked Witch? – MAYBE; Alvin the Chipmunk? – NEVER!!!

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  2. Great costumes Dani, but to this day, Walt Disney CREEPS me out! Which is strange because I so enjoy going to ren-festi’s and Witches Balls and stuff like that. It was probably Fantasia. 😉

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