Some (brief) thoughts on medical doctors and gender dysphoria

There has been some noise, in some countries, about doctors saying they should not be forced to administer treatments that they do not believe in. This is with reference to abortion, gender dysphoria etc.

My thinking is that if a psychologist diagnoses a patient with depression and sends the patient to their general practitioner to get a prescription for anti depressants, the doctor doesn’t get to say ‘I don’t believe in depression, you are just sad, snap out of it’ and not treat the patient!

Similarly if a mother brings her baby to be vaccinated the doctor doesn’t get to say ‘but I heard this may cause autism, besides, the kid isn’t sick, bring him back when he has measles and I will treat him then’.

Any doctors saying these things would be the subject of hearings, disciplinary action etc. So why is it any different with gender dysphoria? This is a real condition that needs treatment. As a medical professional you don’t get to choose which medical conditions you believe in and which you don’t. You have a duty to treat the patient. Just do it!


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  1. I know right. It’s almost like you get elected to uphold the “rule of law” and then spend your entire time in office breaking laws and then turning around and telling the people that elected you that “the law is too ‘nuanced’ for you to understand'” or it’s your like a Supreme Court judge who rights in they’re “opinions” that they “feel” the law is not just. I have NO PROBLEM if a doctor doesn’t want to treat patients for “moral” or “ethical” reasons. I jut want to make sure there is a law that says they must state what those reasons are BEFORE the state gives them a license to practice. Oh, wait, there is that pesky “rule of law” thing again. Never mind. Guess I’m Nuance-Challenged! 😉

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  2. Well said. I recently heard a shocking story of a transwoman who went to her GP (in the UK) to be referred for reassignment, only for him to tell her he was morally opposed to that and would instead refer her to a conversion therapist in America, since such therapy is not practised by the NHS.

    Or perhaps we could allow service providers to be bigots, as long as they clearly advertise their bigotry beforehand. Then we could all just click on the “professional prejudices” link and know not to visit the transphobic GP, or identify the “homophobic hotel” by the big sign it has been forced to stick up, and hopefully the eggs all over its windows…

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    • I like the post, but in all seriousness there is no way we should allow people to be professionally bigoted. A lawyer doesn’t get to say ‘I don;t defend murderers’ (although they can ethically avoid certain cases by focusing on particular sets of expertise) there is no way doctors should be allowed to get away with this BS even if they do declare it upfront…

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