Gay rights activists from the 1870s

I came across this article recently and thought it was worth sharing.

It is interesting that again and again LGBTIQ rights seem to have been pioneered by crossdressers. We have this story of a pair of crossdressers seemingly opposing the authorities’ view of gender and sexuality. Then we have the Stonewall riot ( upon which much of gay pride movement is predicated and again drag queens and other trans* people seemed to have been at the forefront of challenging the authorities.

It is interesting that so many crossdressers today want to distance themselves from the LGBTIQ movement. So many are so keen to say ‘I am not gay.’ As if this was something to be ashamed of. Regardless of your sexuality, regardless whether you prefer vaginas or penises, surely if you are trans* you must realise that you have a lot in common with the LGBTIQ community?

It is time we stood together. We will never achieve rights and acceptance if we hide in our closets. We are such a small community that on our own we are easily brushed aside. we need the LGBTIQ community we need to embrace them.

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  1. I’ve always thought it was weird that gender queer folk aren’t more visible in the movement. We are definitely more visible as targets, and far more likely to experience violence and abuse because of it.

    There history of transgender and crossdressers is really, really interesting and I’ve enjoyed your recent posts. Are you familiar with Magnus Hirschfield? He gets a lot of crap in the modern era because of his association with some antiquated psychological theory about trans folk … but he was amazing in his way and for his time.

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  2. I was nominating people for an award, and seeing as how it’s an award all about sisterhood, I had to nominate you, a blogger I consider a friend, check it out,


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