Clothes shopping and lunch

On Saturday my amazing wife made sure we had the day and the whole night to ourselves. That meant it was Daniella time!

The day started with me getting ready while my wife took the kids to their grandparents. Unfortunately she was feeling rather unwell but didn’t let me know just how unwell (she did not let me know just how unwell she was and had I known she was as ill as she was I would not have gone out with her, but she is a very sweet, if stubborn sole and did not want to ruin my day). As as result of her feeling ill she forgot to take some essential items with her and she needed to make a second trip to the grandparents to drop off the stuff. This meant she spent two hours in the car and was got uptight by the time she got home, but a nice bath soon relaxed her and we were able to get going.

My preparations were also not ideal…

Whilst my wife was driving backwards and forwards across town, I had a lovely bath and did a great job of shaving and overall preparation. I had been thinking what to wear for a few weeks and knew I wanted to go with my new boots and the denim mini, but I was not sure what top to wear. I tried a few options but they just didn’t feel right. I decided on a black, sleeveless frilly number as it seemed to fit well. But then after walking around the house a bit I decided it was feeling wrong, so I went with a lacy black top with long sleeves. This felt much better.

I then started doing my makeup. I was worried that I would not have enough time because of all the time I had wasted looking for the right top to wear. Halfway through applying the foundation I realised I had forgotten to put my beard cover on. Disaster! What to do? I took a good look in the mirror and decided to carry on regardless, the shave seemed to have been good enough. I finished my make up and then had to decide what to do with my nails.

We had a date at the ballet that night and I wanted to make sure my nails were juts right for the outfit I had planned. I pulled out the underwear, dress, stockings and shoes I was going to wear and then checked nail colours against the ensemble. I settled on the amber colour which looked good with the dress. Unfortunately it wasn’t a great colour for my current outfit but it wasn’t entirely garish either. I usually opt for ‘short’ false nails as these are more widely available and easier for me to get used to, but as we were off to the ballet I had decided to live a little and had wanted to get ‘long’ nails. I could only find ‘medium’ length nails. Oh my word! I was so glad I had not found ‘long’ ones. If these were ‘medium’ I will never be able to wear ‘long’ nails. They were talons! But this was a fun new experience for me.

Here is a pic of me in the outfit. I hope you all agree that the missing beard cover wasn’t too much of a disaster after all.


I then had to pay some staff and service providers, so I went to my study and pulled out my laptop. Hmmm using the keyboard was interesting to say the least. With those chores out of the way I settled down to wait for my wife. If I thought using a keyboard was tricky with those nails I soon found out it was easy compared to the iPad.

My wife arrived and I went outside to meet her. It was lovely to feel the sun on my bare legs. As soon as she had had her bath and was ready we left the house.

We had planned on stopping at a local cafe for lunch but sadly it was closed. So we drove to a nearby suburb with some lovely pavement culture. We drove down the high street but we didn’t see anywhere we wanted to go for lunch. Until we came to a lovely house that had been converted into a Piza e Vino restaurant (yes that is the correct spelling, it is a local franchise here). We went in and sat on the deck at the back of the restaurant. It was lovely, quiet, secluded and sitting outside on a lovely day was bliss. We had a lovely meal. I had the wild mushroom pizza which was very good indeed. I followed that up with a honey espresso panna cotta for dessert.  It was yum!

Fortified with some excellent food we set off for some post prandial shopping. We set off for the mini shopping mall just over the way. We looked at a lovely shop called Clairz that had some very reasonably priced denim jackets with sequins and rhinestone decorations. Sadly the ‘large’ was a little too small and they had no ‘extra large’ items in that style in stock. We then took a look at a shoe store which had some amazing shoes but I restrained myself.

Finally we came to Mr Price. Mr Price is a distinctly cheap mass market clothing store based on being price competitive. I have not shopped there since I was a teenager. Oh my word. They have so much cool stuff. And it is so cheap. Sure quality may be an issue but as I am not exactly likely to wear stuff more than once or twice a season, what do I care? The only problem is that the sizing is decidedly ropy. A ‘medium’ of one item may fit just right whilst a ‘large’ in another may be too small. This means you absolutely must try every thing on before buying it.

I found a blue and black skirt. A lovely chiffon type white blouse, a black top and a grey knit top with a loose polar/turtleneck that I think is sometimes called a roll neck? Basically it is somewhere between a polar neck and a cowl neck. So off I went to the fitting rooms. Now folks admission time. This was the first time I have tried women’s clothes on in store. Ever. I took the 4 items I wanted to try on and walked to the fitting rooms. Fortunately the fitting rooms were unisex (I think), so no major worries there. The attendant asked how many items I had I showed him and said in my very best least manly voice ‘four’. He hardly blinked (either I passed or he had clocked me ages ago, quite probably the latter), handed me the tag for four items and in I went.

I took off my top and I felt more exposed than I have ever felt before (and I have done the communal shower thing). I was standing, in my bra and skirt, in a fitting room with a proper closing door but I felt really exposed. I had a bit of a panic attack and started looking for hidden security cameras. After a second or two I pulled myself together and gave myself a stern talking too. I was doing nothing illegal, if there were cameras so what? It was too late now anyway, I was down to my undies. So I started trying things on.  The white blouse was way too small, I couldn’t even get my arms in without being afraid of ripping it. The grey and black tops fitted perfectly though. When I pulled the grey top off I had a complete wardrobe melt down. My earring came off and got stuck somewhere in the collar. The top also pulled the crocodile clip out of my hair and lifted my wig. Oh my word. I repaired the damage and started looking for my earring. Found it eventually and managed to reassemble myself as best I could. Then I tried the skirt. As I pulled off my denim mini I again felt a little odd standing there in my Brazilian cut panties but what can a girl do? So I undid the zip on the skirt and stepped into it. It was a size 34 and I am actually usually more like a 32 and I still couldn’t get it past my thighs! Oh well… I was not going to go and get a size 40 (or bigger), I have my pride!

After dressing I combed my hair (I had the foresight to bring a comb with me) and stepped out presenting my  tag to the attendant. I decided to take the grey and black tops. My wife and I browsed a little more before deciding to pay. On the way to the cashiers I saw a lovely set of bangles for R50 (that is about US$4). I decided I would have those. Standing in line to pay I was trying to think what I would say if the cashier queried the ‘MR’ on my credit card. I suddenly realised I had forgotten to transfer my cards and money to my purse. Fortunately my wife was on hand and very kindly bought everything for me.

With my purchases in hand we walked back to the car and drove home for a short rest before getting ready for the second phase: the ballet!

I am truly blessed to have a wife that enjoys spending time with me en femme. She is a very special person and I love and value her immensely. I think our marriage has been strengthened as a result of sharing this part of my life and I hope I can continue to meet her expectations of me and reciprocate adequately. I wonder if other spouses out there with hobbies that can be seen as divisive would benefit from including their partners more?


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  1. Love the outfit. I’m so glad that you have loving wife who supports you.

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  2. What a nice day! 🙂

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  3. Mr Price! That store sounds so much like a local cheap outlet over here called Primark. Sizing all over the place and they pile em high sell em cheap. Some nice styles occasionally and once in a while something of a decent quality.

    I would not be so sure about you being easily read. That was my thought initially when going out as Michelle but here is the thing! I have yet to pick up any vibe or look from a shop assistant that I am anything other than a woman and I would guess it is a similar experience for you. Vouce is jowever my big issue also.

    Trying on outfits in the changing room is a great step forward but I am always ulta careful where clothing has to be taken off over my head for fear of upseting my wig, earrings or of smearing make up. I suppose it is another little rite of passage.

    Looking great in your photo girl and what a lady your wife is. Truly one in a million and doing all this with you and her not feeling too great.

    M x

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  4. Hello Daniella
    Thanks to share your story with us


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