A transgender parable

So this is interesting.
It would seem, from the metaphor being employed by this writer, that transgender people are not only delusional but also not human.
We are somehow no better than a pet and that if we meet an inhuman end we should not be surprised. The writer denies our very humanity suggesting that even in death it may be reasonable to be denied funereal rites as we are undeserving of them.
The writer seems to think that we should not be surprised if society denies our humanity and that it is acceptable to bully, assault and denigrate transgender people because they are not really people. In this person’s opinion our difference dehumanises us.
Given that the writer is a traditional catholic I wonder how s/he feels about early christian martyrs being treated like animals in a Roman arena? Being paraded and ultimately hunted and killed like an animal simply because they held a deep and sincere belief? After all in terms of that period, the early christians were delusional, anti-society, and possibly sub-human as they lacked enlightened principles such as tolerance, civic mindedness and so on.
I hope that s/he never finds him or herself on the ‘wrong’ side of society’s shared beliefs. The shock will be life threatening.
This kind of stuff reminds me how much work needs to be done…

Mors Sanctorum

Young little Cindy was a normal girl in all respects, but she was very attached to her sweet beagle named Mr. Spots.  She spent all her spare time playing with the dog, but never seemed to relate to people.  She was so very shy.  One day, when she was about four, she looked at her daddy and said, “Daddy, I’m a dog!”

“Now sweetie,” said her father, “I know you love Mr. Spots and like to play with him, but he’s a dog and you’re a person.”

“No daddy, I’m a doggie!”

This went on for quite some time, the father arguing against daughter, until it occurred to the father that he should stop fighting.  After all, how different is a dog, really from a person?  A dog has four limbs, and a nose and a mouth.  A dog has a heart and lungs.  He eats and sleeps.  Maybe I…

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  1. Augh. So much gross victim blaming in that story. Another cis person pretending that the problem is anything other than their own intolerance.

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  2. Hitler and his henchmen preached the same thing about gypsies and Jews. Now very few people believe in the superior race crap. So eventually this kind of hate will be a thing of the past.

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  3. 1 – Yea verily, Thou knowest Thy truth. Heaven help the person who tries to fix STUPID ! 🙂
    2 – Sometimes, you just have to be the bigger man 😉 Recently, my wife told me that as a child, she was FORBIDDEN from speaking in Gaelic until 1967. Seriously, 1967.
    3 – What is WRONG with the Human Race?
    4 – Go to line one

    I sometimes revert to counting when the rage meter busts through the roof! 🙂 All better now ! 🙂

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