Unity and diversity, not mutually exclusive

I have just seen this article


which was written by a genetic female who is coming to terms with her gender-queer identity. I found it so interesting that the issues that concern her (use of public toilets, embarrassment when buying clothes, fear of discovery etc) are the same concerns that confront male to female crossdressers and other trans* people on a daily basis.

There is so much more that unites those of us on the trans* spectrum than that divides us. yet we are so hung up on the minute differences between being transexual (pre-, post- and non-op), transgender, crossdressers (fetishistic and ‘other’, where ‘other’ covers a myriad of motives and identities), gay, bi and ‘straight’ (whatever that means in a trans* perspective) etc. This compulsion to  label, categorise and divide just weakens our community.

Why can we not accept the diversity that lies within our community and stand united so that we gain more acceptance, more rights and ultimately experience less harassment, fear and prejudice?

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  1. A very good article that you shared and your thoughts where spot on. Its something I believe but there are times when it is hard to see the similarities. After a lifetime of being told and bullied that I am not who I am it does make a person super sensitive to differences.

    Well that person cross dresses and I don’t so they will not accept me. That person is going through SRS and HRT and I am not so they will not accept me There are times when I reach a point that I think the only people that will accept me are people exactly like me. So I do look for those differences, label and so forth. I know its wrong, but I cannot help it especially when I am really stressed or feel ostracized.

    But at the same time I also realize that at the core we are the same. The difference we do make a fuss about are just how we express ourselves nothing more. Would two people make a big fuss if one decided not to wear make up and other did wear make up? We all do share the same issues, we can be bounded together by them and support each other in them. But in order to do that I need to trust and accept which may be hard to do at times. But I am a work in progress so there is hope 🙂

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